Webrageous Studios is one of those PPC Management Companies that can boast highly about the fact that it is an AdWords Certified Company. Not every PPC Management Company that manages Google AdWords campaigns can lay claim to being an AdWords Certified Company, which is perhaps something that not every PPC Advertiser is aware of when initially looking for someone to manage their online advertising campaign. If unaware of this fact, take the time to read this article which outlines the important reasons behind working with a company that is AdWords Certified, as it really can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign and the advertising costs that you may have to outlay.


The reason why not every PPC Management Company is an AdWords Certified Company is because it is a rigorous process that only experienced AdWords users can complete. Also, it’s possible for absolutely anyone to open a Google AdWords PPC Account. It is a free market. Google doesn’t have any requirements to open and run an AdWords PPC account so anyone from a small local independent businessman to a large global company can open an account and try to attract new leads or sales. Online PPC Advertising is open to all and nobody has to go through the Google AdWords Accreditation process in order to begin advertising if they do not wish to do so. Following this train of thought therefore, not every PPC Management Company needs to go through the process either. Nor do they have to ensure that their PPC Account Managers go through the process. There’s no law which says that everyone has to be Google AdWords Certified. For this reason, it is very important to search through PPC Management Companies carefully before deciding which one will manage your campaign for you. If the company is not an AdWords Certified Company, you may be able to do a better job managing your account than they can!


In fact, more than with any other PPC provider on the Internet, it is almost imperative that anyone managing a Google AdWords account now be trained in PPC Management, at least in some part. There are many features, services, tools and programs provided by Google and Google AdWords is widely considered by far to be the most complicated form of PPC advertising available. What’s more, it is becoming increasingly more complicated by the day, with more and more features and programs being introduced. It can be very difficult to keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world of Google AdWords, particularly for those people who are not Google AdWords Certified. Without the expertise and knowledge gained through AdWords Certification many opportunities to optimize a campaign can be lost.


For this reason it is important to avoid running a PPC Advertising Campaign on your own and instead it is recommended that you employ an expert PPC Management Company, like Webrageous Studios, to manage your campaign for you; even more so, because Webrageous Studios is an AdWords Certified Company. But what does this actually mean? It means that every single account manager who works for Webrageous Studios has passed a Google AdWords examination in order to become Google AdWords Certified. These examinations require knowledge from both the basics concerning how long a video advertisement on Google AdWords is allowed to be, for example, to the advanced subjects involving the many ways in which a PPC Campaign might be optimized using keyword analysis techniques in the Google AdWords Editor, for instance.


In addition to only employing AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers, Webrageous Studios, as an AdWords Certified Company, also has access to a number of different services and features that aid in the management of its PPC campaigns. For this reason, it can promise to give better results than that which you could achieve if managing your PPC campaign on your own. These special services include the assistance of a personal Google AdWords Representative. Through its very own Google AdWords Representative, Webrageous Studios receives Google AdWords Phone Support. Through the continuation of this service, pending questions and problems with particular PPC campaigns can be resolved at speed. Without this service, issues can remain pending for longer. Again, this service only exists because Webrageous Studios is an AdWords Certified Company and has been working with its personal Google AdWords Representative for the past four years.


As an AdWords Certified Company, Webrageous Studios was also invited to test out the new Google Remarketing Program before it had even left the beta testing stage at Google. Many of its clients have benefitted greatly from the program and have seen significant increases in conversions as a result. If working on your PPC campaign alone, or if working with a PPC Management Company that is NOT an AdWords Certified Company, access to these kinds of programs are not going to reach you or your campaign. This is the reason why finding a PPC Management company that is AdWords Certified is important and there’s nothing that can really ever replace experience or connections in the field. Webrageous Studios has both connections and experience.


When looking for a PPC Management Company to see whether it is AdWords Certified or not, look for the AdWords Certified Badge. Webrageous Studios displays its AdWords Accreditation on its website, clearly visible by clicking here. It is an excellent way of being able to sort through some of the less credible PPC Management Companies from those that have more experience, more training and more access to certain advantages, features and services.


To find out more about what Webrageous Studios, as an AdWords Certified Company, can offer when managing the PPC demands of your advertising campaign, click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website for more information and to contact one of our Google AdWords Certified PPC Account Managers directly.