In any business or any industry there are always those people who are looking for “tricks of the trade”; those people who are looking to be able to cut corners so that they can sneakily get ahead of their competitors without having to do any ground work along the way. PPC Google Ads Management is no different. Many people with Google Ads Campaigns world-wide over are constantly on the hunt for PPC tricks.

The idea of being able to reach that final goal without having to have worked as hard for it or without having to have spent as much time or paid as much money as the rest, is very appealing to a lot of people. “I wonder if there’s a sneaky way of doing this faster?” they ask themselves. “I wonder if there’s a PPC trick to avoid all this hard work?” they ponder. This probably won’t ever change until basic human nature gets a complete overhaul as well. Waiting for that to arrive is perhaps like waiting for the end of civilization to arrive.

The moral behind the age-old fable, “The Hare and The Tortoise,” springs to mind when thinking about people who are on the look out for some PPC tricks to get them sailing ahead of the majority on Google AdWords. This moral springs to mind when thinking about PPC Managers who are trying to avoid the hours necessary to analyze campaign activity and keep up to date with new technologies developed by the masterminds at Google. These PPC Account Managers are romanced by the idea of becoming the hare in this story. They imagine getting their hands on some amazing PPC trick that allows them to spend every afternoon lazing under a tree like the hare did and then race on home to the finish line before the tortoise even gets half way.

They are the PPC Managers who become annoyed and bored by the tortoise. They have no interest in plodding along day in, day out looking over their PPC campaigns and individual keywords to ensure that every angle has been covered and every PPC Management technique has been tried. They want to be the hare and they are looking for any PPC trick that can help them be that hare as quickly as possible.

The only problem is that the hare did not finish before the tortoise, despite the fact that he was able to run faster. PPC tricks simply don’t exist, even though many companies and so-called authorities would like to have you believe that they do. The dodgy plumber or the get rich quick car sales man with a scam naturally come to mind when hearing someone mention the phrase “PPC tricks.” “Hey, I read about this great little PPC trick today on this cool little blog,” or “There are some fantastic little PPC trick videos on YouTube that you should take a look at,” are statements that lead the way to disaster. If anyone is promising you PPC Advertising Services with PPC tricks that other PPC Management Companies are yet to catch on to, please… think about “The Hare and The Tortoise” and tell that dodgy PPC tradesman with his bag of cheap PPC tools to go and find some other schmuck.

Following through a little further with the subject of PPC tricks on YouTube, it appears that the online video uploading site is a PPC fraudster’s heaven. If you type in Google AdWords PPC Tricks into the YouTube search engine a huge number of videos pop up, most of which are really misleading and very ill-informed. The videos cover a number of different “PPC tricks”. The following list is but a few of the statements taken from a range of these videos that frustratingly do not provide the whole picture or are blatantly untrue:

1. bidding double what Google AdWords recommends will guarantee that you will get a 1 – 3 impression placement on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
2. placing an advertisement as close to the side bar on the right hand side of the browser window as part of Google’s Content Network is a way of ensuring that someone is liable to click on your advertisement by mistake and thus improvement your click through rate (CTR)… Did this PPC Trickster consider the fact that conversions are still not going to increase in this instance and therefore Quality Score is still likely to be really poor? Is the poor internet user watching this video given the full picture here? No!
3. starting a forum and putting further advertisements inside the forum chats on one of your landing pages is a way of getting free advertising
4. there is a way to get Google AdWords PPC advertisements FOR FREE! Really? And Google doesn’t know about that? Come on!
5. making a six figure income from Google AdWords every month is easy
6. we can show you how to avoid the dreaded Google slaps; how to avoid sticking to the rules and how to take advantage of the loopholes in the Google AdWords system

The list could easily go on, but the range of examples here clearly demonstrates the point.

These statements or PPC tricks are recognizably misleading to those people with PPC Management training and to those PPC Managers who are Google AdWords Certified. However, the ill-informed ideas are perhaps less obvious to spot if you are someone new to Google AdWords and PPC. This is the most frustrating part of all because the makers of these PPC tricks videos are preying on the lack of knowledge owned by new PPC Advertisers on the one hand, but are also discrediting the hours of hard work put into PPC Management by all those professional and highly trained AdWords Certified Companies at the same time; companies like Webrageous Studios.

Therefore, to reiterate as clearly as is humanly possible here…

There are no PPC tricks of the trade!

Not if you are looking for PPC Management of a high standard that will remain successful over time, anyway.

PPC Management is a skill that PPC Managers train at every day. It is a full time job which requires a lot of time, knowledge and patience to get right. The “hares” that make these PPC tricks videos on YouTube make it seem like the advice and support of a PPC Manager is not necessary; that AdWords Management can be learned within a matter of minutes. This is simply NOT true. If you want to be good at PPC Management, the quick PPC trick approach of “the hare” is not going to work. Honest and effective PPC Management Companies are “tortoises.” They work hard, they work diligently and they are the ones that achieve positive results for their PPC clients at the end of the race. Maybe it takes a little longer to see these results, but the results do happen.

One thing we highly recommend is to review this video which shows you how to do a top to bottom review of your Google ads account and see where you are wasting money.

PPC tricks, and PPC trick videos on YouTube especially, are there to fool you. The hare will never win the race. Stick to the support and professional services of the tortoises.