Is there really one company out there that is the best PPC management company for every client? Probably not, just like you can’t say that there is one car that is the best in the world. The best car for me could be a decision I make based on performance but my neighbor might make the decision based more on price. So it really comes down to a balance of reputation, price, chemistry, service and results.


Reputation should be a key element in your decision. For years we have been advising potential clients to check the reputation of all of the PPC management firms they are considering as many competitors in our industry don’t exactly have a stellar reputation. Most people now do this automatically. Just searching the name of the business is a good place to start, or the name of the business plus reviews or complaints is a good option. As is checking the Better Business Bureau report for any business you are considering. don’t expect everything to be perfect – anyone can post a negative review including competitors or disgruntled former employees. It’s harder for someone to file a fake Better Business Bureau complaint. generally people who file a BBB complaint have a legitimate complaint. Also remember if you are choosing a management firm primarily based on the lowest price you can’t expect an unblemished reputation. at the bottom of this article we will talk more about our reputation and the other factors you see here.


Pricing is of course a concern for many clients. There are few components of price for PPC management. The first is a setup fee. Most management companies charge a setup fee ranging somewhere between $300 and $3000. There is typically a minimum monthly management fee which starts for some of the lower firms at around $300 per month and goes up from there to about $1500/month. You may see even higher minimum monthly charges for more complex accounts and special situations including e-commerce accounts with lots of products or frequent updates. Typically the monthly management fee is the greater of a set amount or a percentage of click charges whichever is higher. typically this percentage will start at a low of 5% and go up to as high as 20% or 25% of click charges.


Chemistry is critical in choosing a PPC management company. Your goal should be to find a management company that you can work together with for years. If you don’t have the right feeling then absolutely keep shopping. It’s a great idea to interview the actual account manager who will be your day-to-day contact. At most agencies you will be speaking with a salesperson first so this is a good step to take.

Service and Results

Service and results we will touch on together. You want to find out the turnaround time for answering emails and how fast changes will be implemented to your paid search account. Will you be able to call your management company during business hours only or nights and weekends? It’s hard to know what the results will be like just on the basis of a phone call. Definitely insist that any PPC management company competing for your business reviews your account. You can do this via online screen share for security. Does your management company offer a moneyback guarantee during the first 14, 30 or 60 days? That way don’t see the results you are expecting you can move on painlessly. Definitely look for client testimonials on the website and see if you can contact current clients to get a feeling of results.

Here is how we fit in regarding reputation, price chemistry service and results. Webrageous is proud to have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and you can see client testimonials here. At Webrageous our fees are towards the higher end of what you find at agencies and that’s because we offer a higher level of service with about 10 accounts or fewer per account manager. This is very unusual in the industry. We offer a risk-free trial for many clients and for most clients and most circumstances there is no setup fees at Webrageous. And here is a link to our results page. Please call us at the number of the top of the page or fill out our contact form below to see how we can help.