Top Google AdWords Management for Non-Profits

Google AdWords Management is designed to be as accessible as possible so that anyone can open up an account and begin to manage their online advertisements independently whenever the need might arise.
4485766896_dd3820bf4c_oHowever, Google AdWords Management for Non-Profits is without a doubt a little more specialized than most forms of AdWords Management. This is why it is important to contract an expert in the field to help guide you towards online advertising success.

Why is it important to employ a Google AdWords Management Expert specializing in PPC for Non-Profits?

One of the main reasons why Google AdWords Advertising is so popular relates to the endless source of free help and advice made available by Google for both new and experienced online advertisers so that they can manage their accounts independently.
New advertising tools for Google AdWords Advertisers are developed all the time and, once successfully passed through the BETA testing stage, they are made available for all advertisers to use in order to better optimize their individual campaigns. Advertisers are also able to access endless reams of advice from PPC Advertising Blogs, such as this blog written by the PPC Experts at Webrageous, which help illustrate how to make further improvements and which offer tried and tested solutions. (more…)

How to Make a Success of your Google AdWords Grant

Last year when Google decided to scale back its grants program to NGOs, Webrageous knew that it was time for its Google AdWords pay per click experts to get involved and provide further help and support for these organizations. Google’s shift in direction meant that NGOs would still continue to receive the monthly $10,000 grant, but would need to take on full responsibility for the Google AdWords Management of their campaigns.

4485115401_b49ef383b8_oThis presented a particular problem for the NGOs already on the Google Grants program, because very few of those NGOs knew very little about how to successfully manage their Google AdWords Grant and their Google AdWords Campaigns. Even fewer had the time and extra man-power to devote to the management of their online advertising.

As a direct response to this particular issue, the experts in pay per click management at Webrageous began to offer their specialist services. As a result, we are now very happy to lay claim to a wide range of successes in the management of NGO Google AdWords Campaigns, the management of the Google AdWords Grants that accompany those campaigns and the successful application that all NGOs hoping to profit from the program must go through.

In short, Webrageous is an expert in: (more…)

Google AdWords Grants Program for NGOs Everywhere

If you work for an NGO, or if you are in charge of the marketing campaigns of an NGO in any part of the world, and you don’t know what the Google Grants Program is and how it can help you, keep reading this article.

What is the Google Grants Program and who is it for?

Google AdWords Grants ProgramThe Google Grants Program is a program designed to support the financial needs of NGOs across the world with their online advertising campaigns.
In a nutshell, the Google AdWords Grants Program was created by the masterminds at Google AdWords to help as many non-profit organizations as possible with the costs of online advertising. All non-profit organizations hoping to qualify for the Google AdWords Grants Program need to successfully complete the program’s application process.
Those NGOs that are successful receive a monthly $10,000 PPC Advertising grant. Therefore, the incentive for going through the application process is an attractive one.

How can Webrageous help your NGO successfully apply for the Google AdWords Grants Program?

The only issue with the Google AdWords Grants Program is that many NGOs find the idea of the application process daunting and time-consuming. Many NGOs already have a lot of forms to fill in, grants to apply for and schemes to get a place on. The mere idea of beginning another application for another grant is a little too much to even consider for many non-profits.
This is why your NGO needs the expert attention and advice of a Google AdWords Advertising expert company, such as Webrageous. Our PPC Managers, who are experienced in the development of applications for the Google Grants Program are ready and willing to lighten the load and help you apply for the Google AdWords Grant with success.
For more information about Webrageous and why we are the PPC Managers who can lead your NGO towards success, read the attached article entitled, Successfully Apply for the Google Grants Program with our Help, today.

How to Apply for the Google AdWords Grant

If you want to apply for the Google AdWords Grant, the first thing to do is to get into contact with the Google AdWords Grant experts at Webrageous. The $10,000 monthly grant is available for all qualified non-profit organizations.
Google AdWords grantAll non-profit organizations benefit from online advertising. It is essential that NGO’s are able to spread the word about the important work that they do for their respective causes and one of the best ways to do this is by connecting with the world via the Internet. That’s what the Google AdWords Grant is for.

Helping NGOs through the Google AdWords Grant

Internet advertising through Google AdWords PPC is a fast and effective way of reaching a huge number of people in record time. All non-profit organizations are likely to reap the benefits of PPC advertising within a very short time frame when they have a specialist working alongside them. This is the huge role that the PPC management experts at Webrageous play.
It is also fairly likely that most NGOs are unable to fund their online advertising in-house. This is one of the reasons why Google provides the Google AdWords Grant. At $10,000 per month, any non-profit organization stands to gain a lot from this incredible program.

Where Webrageous Comes In

This is why the support of a PPC management company like Webrageous is essential for any NGO interested in taking its online advertising presence to the next level. Webrageous has extensive experience and success in developing applications to get into the Google AdWords Grant Program.
Webrageous has been intrinsically involved in Google AdWords Grant applications for a number of non-profit organizations for the past year, ever since Google took the decision to scale back slightly on the way in which its grant program would continue to function.
Essentially, Google decided that it would continue to provide the $10,000 monthly grants to all non-profits that successfully made their way onto the program, but that it would not be able to continue to manage those campaigns for those NGOs as it had been doing so in the past. Google wanted to give more freedom and control over their advertising budgets to the non-profit organizations on the program, but the transition was never going to be an easy one.
Even though Google AdWords PPC is one of the easiest forms of online advertising to learn and become proficient in (Google deliberately designed its online advertising network to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone), very few NGOs have the time to devote to the management of their campaigns.
Webrageous has always supported the work of small, independent businesses. It has always wanted to help its clients compete successfully against the competition of huge corporations, despite the relative small nature of their size within their respective industries. This is why providing PPC management support for non-profit organizations via Google AdWords appealed to the team of experts who work for the company.
“We saw the changes to Google’s structure and management of the Google AdWords Grants Program and its application process as being an incredibly opportune and interesting long-term project for our firm,”David Chapman, Director of Marketing at Webrageous, admits.
“Our team is highly confident in its abilities to be able to help and guide non-profits through the Google AdWords Grant application process and significantly increase the awareness of their respective causes through a wide range of online advertising optimization techniques.”
The pay per click expert team at Webrageous is also able to help any interested NGO that already receives the $10,000 monthly grant to make a second successful application in order to receive the $40,000 monthly grant also offered at Google as a sort of second step on the non-profit program.

Why Webrageous can be Trusted

As a way of verifying the constant and impressive support offered by the pay per click team at Webrageous, we urge you to read up on our company via the Better Business Bureau, which has rated our company with an A+ grading of excellence in the industry. We also urge you to listen to some of the testimonials that our happy clients have shared about the pay per click management services that we provide.
The working relationships that Webrageous has developed with its non-profits organization clients is by no means any different. Our team is quick, effective and highly trained.
Indeed, one of the main reasons why we are so effective at getting our NGO clients onto the Google AdWords Grant Program and helping them with their applications relates to the level of qualified marketing personnel that we have on our team.
All of the pay per click managers who work for Webrageous are Google AdWords Qualified. This may seem like an obvious comment to make, but there are a huge number of pay per click management firms in operation that offer their services in Google AdWords Management without being qualified and passing the Google AdWords exams.
In addition, every single pay per click manager on the team at Webrageous holds at least a Masters qualification in Marketing. One of the members of our team actually lectures in Marketing at university level.
Our highly qualified and experienced team is able to offer your non-profit organization pay per click management excellence for a very reasonable price because when a company chooses to buy into our services, they never want to let us go. This is one of the reasons why we are able to keep our costs and management fees to a minimum and it is something that we are very proud of and hope to continue to maintain.
For more information about making the application for the Google AdWords Grant or if you wish to inquire about the pay per click management services offered at Webrageous for your non-profit organization, contact David Chapman directly at 866-720-5172 or fill in the contact form on our website at any time. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.

Call us for Google AdWords Grant Help

The PPC Managers at Webrageous have been working in the industry for a number of years. They are Google AdWords Qualified and they also have lots of experience in helping non-profit organizations to successfully put claims forward in order to receive the Google AdWords Grant as a way of covering their online advertising budget needs.
Google AdWords Grant HelpIf you are looking to find any Google AdWords Grant help, take the time to read a short article which outlines the basics entitled, What is Google Grants?
If you are instead looking to select the most effective PPC Management Company to help your non-profit organization achieve success via the Google AdWords Grant application process, read the attached article entitled, Why Choose our Google AdWords Grant Management Team? as soon as possible.
The article explains, step by step, the many reasons why the PPC Managers at Webrageous are the best of the very best in Google AdWords Grant Management. If you need any Google AdWords Grant help in putting your application together, Webrageous is the first PPC Management Company you should make contact with.

Webrageous: Providing Google AdWords Grant Help

We at Webrageous understand how important it is for non-profit organizations to get the word out about who they are and what they do. Knowing that they do everything for a good cause, it becomes extremely important that people outside the organization are told how they can do their share as well.
But knowing how hard it is to spread the funds around, should they be wasting money on advertising, or should they just hope that people find out about them through word of mouth and pray for a miracle?
This is exactly why Webrageous offers Google AdWords Grant help to organizations that deserve it. After all, getting all those advertising needs covered is such a huge help for them as more people find out about what they do. With more support, they could hopefully get everything they need to spread more goodness all around.