Writing good advertisement text that doesn’t take hours to write but that does have a real positive effect in terms of drawing more traffic to your website is anything but easy.

But do not fear! Webrageous can recommend ways in which to approach the creation of good advertisement text so that the process becomes a little less daunting and a lot less cumbersome. In fact, there is another article on the writing of good advertisement text already published on this website that you may wish to read too.

Webrageous Studios wants to make sure that you have more than one way of approaching the writing of good advertisement text to choose from. So, read the first article in this series” first and then come back to this article to read the alternative approach to generating effective advertisement copy printed below.

In this way, you’ll be able to decide which approach works best for you, your website and your PPC campaign.


The first thing to consider is that your headline should include the keyword that best fits your product, service or whatever it is that you are advertising AS WELL AS the keyword that draws in the most amount of traffic. As you experiment with your advertisement text, take note of the keyword that generates the highest CTR and stick with that one.

You should then surround that keyword with extra words that are going to help your headline to stand out from the crowd.

  • Example Headline: AdWords Ad Text Course


The body of the advertisement text should include a feature of what you are trying to sell. The advertisement must be concentrated. An advertisement that is vague and that tries to cover everything that you do or sell via your website is not going to work, ever!

Therefore, consider what it is that you are truly trying to sell through this advertisement in particular. Examples of possible features could be:

  • Prices: Learn to write effective advertisement text for US$50
  • Percentages: 50% increase in CTR thanks to improved advertisement text
  • Celebrities: Matt Cutts’ seminar on writing effective advertisement text
  • Product specifications: Free advertisement text course for beginners


If there is no call-to-action then your advertisement text is worthless. In fact, it is NOT advertisement text. It is simply “text” without a purpose. Remember that you are trying to sell something through your advertisement text, therefore…


With this in mind, use the second line of your advertisement description to include a call-to-action or some kind of benefit that the internet user will receive if making the conversion. Ask yourself…


Words like buy, order now, watch, see, look at, download, sign-up to receive are all excellent examples of call-to-action words that should be utilized in the second line of the advertisement text body in any advertisement you create.

  • Example call-to-action: Sign-up for the seminar with Matt Cutts today.

Display URL

Google does have some rules regarding the use of Display URLs. These rules ensure that the internet user is always aware of where they will be taken to if clicking on your advertisement and these rules must be obeyed. However, the most important thing to remember is that as long as the same domain name is used, the rest of the Display URL can be used to work in your favor.

Essentially, what this means is that you can use your domain name followed by one of your most effective keywords as your Display URL. You don’t even need to include “http://” or “www” either, which gives you a lot more character space to play with too.

  • Example Display URL: webrageous.com/advertisement-text-course

Writing Good Advertisement Text Concluded

When you take a look at the whole picture together, it may start looking a little like the following:


By following the simple four-part formula above, you should be well prepared to begin writing highly improved advertisement text. However, remember that there is another article on the writing of good advertisement text on the Webrageous Studios Website too that you may also find useful. If still having difficulties with the development of advertising text, be sure to read this second article today.

If, having read this article, you still feel that you need more help and support regarding the development and management of your advertisement text, be sure to contact the expert PPC Managers at Webrageous directly.

Our PPC Managers are specialists in the creation and optimization of advertisement text, regardless of the type of advertising campaign that you are running or the kind of product / service you are trying to market.

We are only a phone call away. We hope to be helping you manage your PPC advertisement text needs as soon as possible.