The following method for writing good advertisement text, the kind of copy that is going to increase your CTR with paid search, is a very simple method that deals with the basic and most important elements that should be considered when developing such an important feature of any PPC campaign.

Advertisement Text Should Be Keyword Relevant

If you are promoting second hand books, for instance, then your advertisement text needs to be full of relevant keywords. “Second Hand Books” should be in the headline, in the body of the text and in the Display URL too if it will fit. remember that thed display URL does not have to function. That’s right, only the destination or final URL actually has to work.

Advertisement Text Should Always Use Calls To Action

Give the internet user a reason to act. If there’s no reason to click, then why are they going to bother? Think about it logically. For instance, you might ask them to:

  • “buy”
  • “sign up”
  • “follow”
  • “call”

Use the imperatives and internet users will become more active by default.

Advertisement Text Should Emphasize Urgency or Need

An even better way of calling the internet user to action is to emphasize a current need or urgency to click IN THAT MOMENT. For instance, the advertisement copy could make reference to a discount or a promotion; something that is not going to last forever and that the internet user should take advantage of while the opportunity exists. For example:

  • “Limited amount of…”
  • “First 500 buyers get…”
  • “50% off until May 1st”

If what you are offering is not always going to be available, the internet user will need to be more active; they will need to make a decision immediately and will not have as long a time to ponder over things. This is a great way of ensuring a higher CTR because once an internet user (or even a buyer who is buying something in person from a store) begins to think things through, you have kind of lost the battle.

Keep the energy of the internet user high and the ad is more likely to result in a click.

Advertisement Text Should Be Emotive

This is the element of PPC Advertising in general that many PPC Account Managers fail to take into account… the fact that they are advertising to HUMAN BEINGS.

It is very important to remember that even though most of your day managing a Google AdWords account is spent by analyzing data, looking at figures, generating keywords and generally working on things from a technological or computerized perspective, PPC Advertising and PPC campaigns are about attracting the custom of PEOPLE.

People have feelings. People have emotions. People do not buy anything unless they feel that it is going to be good for them; unless they feel that in some way it is going to make them feel better or make their lives that little bit easier.

For example, when an internet user buys some protein pills that are designed to increase muscle density as quickly as possible, it is not simply because they want to be bigger. Of course, the result will be (they hope!) that the pills will give them bigger muscles. However, the deeper reason for wanting to be bigger, to have bigger muscles and for buying the pills therefore, is because they are lacking in self-esteem. The pills that they buy are really a way of making them feel better.

How does this affect the way in which you need to approach advertisement text in your PPC campaign? Allow us to explain:

  • Don’t write: Buy protein pills and increase muscle density by 50%
  • INSTEAD WRITE: Buy protein pills. Gain 50% more muscle. Look hot on the beach.

(In fact, the above example would be even better advertisement text to use if campaigning during the months leading up to the summer, for obvious reasons).

Writing Good Advertisement Text Concluded

The above four strategies are not rocket science. They are not difficult to implement, but they are perhaps elements that are missing in your ads, particularly if you are new to PPC Advertising and are still learning the ropes.

However, this article only offers one way of approaching the creation of text ads. There are many ways of generating effective advertising copy. By trying more than one approach you will gradually find something that suits the way in which you work best.

Don’t forget. PPC Account Managers are just as human as internet users. Machines could create advertisement text in a matter of seconds. Humans need to find something that suits them individually. Please fill out our contact form today below if you would like help from us in crafting the best paid search ads possible.