If entering into a debate about AdWords Management and especially if you are a PPC Manager who focuses on AdWords Management every day, what would be your answer to the following question?

Is AdWords Management creative or scientific?

Let’s not sit on the fence with this one either. It is far too easy to simply say, well, actually, it is a little bit of both. Finding someone who is willing to make a decision and stick to it is becoming all too difficult to find in today’s world.

With that in mind, this article aims to make a judgment.

It lists and discusses all the qualities of AdWords Management which clearly identify the process as being one of pure science and then it compares, very scientifically (he he!), the justifiable arguments which explain why AdWords Management is in actual fact a highly creative job. By the end of the article, Webrageous Studios will have presented its conclusion on the matter and from that moment on, it will look forward to receiving your comments in response. This topic is definitely worthy of a debate.

AdWords Management is a Science


Perhaps some of the ideas in this article will appear to be fairly obvious to highly trained AdWords Management Professionals and PPC Management Geeks. However, the purpose of this article is not really to discuss new ideas or to share innovative discoveries. The purpose of this article is to reinvestigate the AdWords Management concept, its tools and its features that we are already fully aware of in order to better understand whether a scientific approach to AdWords Management is more or less effective than a creative one.

To begin with, the actual physical and structural make-up of the AdWords Management system lends itself to being more of a science than an art. For example, tools such as Google AdWords Editor are tools that provide a vast amount of information and data so that PPC Account Managers can make scientifically smart decisions about how to continue optimizing a PPC campaign. Information is disseminated through highly scientific formats and styles including lists, diagrams, charts and tables. Indeed, the information provided through the Google AdWords Editor is asking to be analyzed and worked with in detail from a scientific perspective.

AdWords Management when viewed from this angle cannot really be considered anything but a science. The brain of a PPC Account Manager has to process information, compare data findings and make all management decisions based upon crude, raw results, kindly filtered to them via Google’s ridiculously complex system as soon as the information becomes available.

Many PPC Account Managers can also probably relate to the following scientific scenario without too much trouble:

Monday morning, 7am, the alarm goes off and the computer is switched on immediately. The coffee machine is put on and the first thing to do is to take a look at recent campaign activity. This may well include an analysis of keyword choice or the changes in conversion rates. Whatever the content, the approach is always the same and the order in which campaigns are analyzed never differs. It is a methodical and routine-like process, where the daily actions of a PPC Manager are identical and the decisions that he or she makes are always based on AdWords Management training and past experience. There is no room or need for creativity. Decisions are reached because of basic equations: X + Y = Z, for example, or if I do “A” then “B” will follow.


AdWords Management is an Art

However, there is one very important factor that cannot ever be truly understood from a scientific or mathematical point of view. Nor are the results easily predictable when considering the extremely important, perhaps most important, element of AdWords Management. What is this unpredictable element? What is the most important focus for any PPC campaign? What will always be at the forefront of every decision made?

The internet user.

The internet user is the target of all Google Advertising and he or she is the sole reason why PPC even exists in the first place. The objective of any Google Ads campaign is to sell something to the internet user or to make that user complete some kind of positive action (a conversion), like subscribe to a newsletter or download a video.

The problem is that an internet user is a human being. He or she is an unpredictable, loose cannon that can never truly be trusted to get to “C” just because a Google Ads Account Manager puts “A” and “B” in place.

For this reason, AdWords Management must on some fundamental level be approached creatively, sensitively and intuitively. It must be approached as an art.

If thinking about AdWords Management from the following perspective, it makes sense to approach the whole process as though it were an art form more than a science for fairly obvious reasons. Simply put, all the science of AdWords Management can be learned, studied, taught, read about and researched. If someone wants to follow Google Ads Management as a new career path, studying towards the Google Accreditation Exam is an option that can guide them towards this goal. The Google AdWords Management resources available online are there to ensure that anyone can begin a PPC campaign and start to utilize the power of online advertising with very little difficulty. In essence, the science behind AdWords Management can be learned.


However, what makes one PPC Account Manager better or more successful than another? It is the “X” Factor; that spark of creative intelligence or intuition which spurs him or her on to try something new or to follow through on a hunch. This is the art of AdWords Management and this is something that cannot be taught. In the same way that the behavior and actions of an internet user cannot ever be entirely predictable, a PPC Account Manager who approaches AdWords Management from an artistic frame of mind will always defy the norm. The creative PPC Account Manager will always be the manager who has the edge above the rest or who always seems to be one step ahead.


AdWords Management may consist of a daily routine of scientific steps and scientific conclusions, but the human element of a PPC Account Manager and any internet user will always demand an artistic approach to the job. Life without art lacks spark and dazzle. All science and no art makes AdWords Management a very dull arena. Dull doesn’t sell. Dull doesn’t convert.


AdWords PPC Management: Science or Art Concluded

In conclusion, therefore, the following notion seems to be pretty clear from Webrageous Studios’ perspective:


AdWords Management is a science.


Successful, impressive and effective AdWords Management is an art.


Thoughts to the contrary? Ideas and perceptions to share? Get in touch. We feel that this debate is one definitely worth having.