Conversions are the Basics of Google Advertising.

If you are already PPC savvy and you know all there is to know about PPC advertising, the subject of a conversion is really something quite fundamental. It´s an area of PPC advertising that you are likely to eat, sleep and breathe with every step and something that you and your PPC Account Manager will be keeping a track on every day without fail.

However, if you´re new to PPC advertising and are just getting started in the world of Google Adwords and Analytics, a ppc advertising conversion is likely to be new to you too. Having said that, understanding what a conversion is and its importance in the whole grand scheme of PPC advertising is nothing short of essential.

Basically, if you don´t know what a conversion is, nor why it is important, keep reading to find out. Without this knowledge, your PPC advertising campaign is never going to get anywhere!

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is actually very simple. Every single time a user clicks on your advertisement and then follows through to fill out a contact form, purchase something, place a call, or sign up for a newsletter. The good news is you control which conversions you track. However, the essential, common trait is that a conversion occurs when the user clicks on an ad and follows through with what it is you want them to do.

What Happens When a Conversion is Made?

Another important factor to note about a conversion is what happens afterwards.

When a user clicks on your advertisement, the advertiser (that being you) is charged.

However, if a user clicks on the ad and you are charged, but then for some reason they don´t convert (ie: they don´t fill out that all important contact form or they don´t buy that amazing product that you´re offering), all the advertising money that you are investing into those adverts becomes a waste of time and a huge financial liability.

Why Are Conversions So Important?

Conversions are essential to PPC Advertising and are a measuring tool used to judge the success of each individual advertising campaign. If conversions are low, the advertiser is losing money and the campaign is not working.

It is then the job of any PPC Account Manager, like those who work for us at Webrageous Studios, to analyse why the conversions are not happening on a regular basis and how the situation can be improved (ie: how the amount of conversions can be increased without investing any more money if possible).

There are lots of tricks to improving the conversion rate including improving your landing page. We started out as a web design firm and no longer offer that as a service but we can steer you in the right direction. for many clients, on a mobile landing page it is critical to encourage calls with click to call now buttons. In lead generation the ROI is much better if you push calls. Other techniques involve testing the time of day when your ads are most successful, focusing on your best keywords, and rewriting ads among many other tactics.

PPC Advertising Conversions Concluded

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In conclusion, without conversions, any PPC advertising campaign is severely flawed and headed for disaster. More importantly, anyone, even those of you new to online marketing, who has no knowledge of the number of conversions pertaining to your own PPC campaign, needs to get up to speed without delay.