One of the worst sins that a restaurant owner could commit would be to60 day free trial of AdWords PPC management serve food that they knew to be stale. One of the worst sins that a policeman could commit would be to ignore the distressed 911 call of someone in trouble, just so that they could watch the end of the football match on television. One of the worst sins that a government official could commit would be to steal from public funds for their own personal use.

Human beings are naturally flawed and sometimes we do make mistakes. People can be and should be forgiven for their mistakes, but there are some errors or results that occur because of sloppy work that musn’t be forgiven. PPC Managers that commit the following PPC Management Sins should be dumped by the way-side immediately.

If you notice any tell-tale signs that the following PPC Management Sins are being committed by your PPC Manager, it is probably time to find a new one. If you are a PPC Manager and you are committing the following sins then you really do need to stop. Take professional pride in your work and make sure that you cannot be accused of making the following unforgiveable errors.

Forgetting to Double Check Your Setttings
There is no excuse for not checking the PPC Campaign Settings of every campaign that you manage. The PPC Campaign Settings that you elect are incredibly important and can have a huge effect on any campaign that you manage.

It is important to be aware of the fact that there are automatically set PPC Campaign Settings configured to a series of default choices by Google. These default settings are there so that everyone and anyone is able to run any kind of basic PPC Campaign if they so wish without much guidance.

However, as a PPC Specialist, you should know that these default settings are not going to fit the needs and demands of every single PPC Campaign that you manage. For instance, if you do not want to advertise nationally, if you are a local company and you only want to advertise in Chicago, the default setting that Google sets to “national” is a huge waste of time and money.

Your budget may run out over the course of the day before anyone in Chicago has even seen your advertisement because the default “national” setting was not adjusted accordingly. This is merely one example, but it gives you an idea of what we are trying to highlight here.

Forgetting to Set-up Conversion Tracking

PPC Management is all about analyzing performance and then optimizing for efficiency. How can you expect to be analyzing performance of the PPC Campaign you are managing thoroughly enough if you haven’t set up conversion tracking on those websites you are promoting?

If you haven’t taken the time to check to see whether the conversion tracking tool has been put in place on the corresponding website and you begin to run your PPC Campaign regardless, you are offering PPC Management which is sloppy and below average. In short, you are committing a PPC Management Sin that really cannot be excused.

A PPC Manager must be analytical and must make use of those tools available in order to do that analysis to their best of their ability. There is no excuse for a PPC Campaign that lacks conversion tracking.

Adopting the All or Nothing Approach
Lazy PPC Managers adopt the all or nothing approach to their job and it is simply unforgiveable. The all or nothing approach describes PPC Managers who select only broad match keywords for instance. They are the kind of PPC Manager who does little research and spends even less time in developing effective keywords. They completely ignore the opportunity they have to work with a combination of broad match, phrase match and exact match keywords, for example.

The all or nothing approach is adopted by those PPC Ma60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementnagers who are always aiming for the number one spot on the Google SERP because they don’t consider that a number two or three spot might actually be more affordable and more profitable for that particular PPC advertising campaign.

In short, the all or nothing PPC Manager is someone who is not doing any work whatsoever and who knows hardly anything about PPC Management. He or she is a PPC fraudster. The best advice is to stay away from PPC Managers who exhibit these kinds of qualities at all times. You want someone who is going to create a PPC Campaign which is tailor-made to your business and advertising needs, not someone who is going to set up the same campaign for you that they set up for everyone else.