60 Day Risk Free AdWords PPC Management Trial

60 Day No Risk Trial of AdWords Management!

Many clients come to us after being burned by other PPC management agencies. Some clients have been disappointed by several different agencies before finding us. So it is not uncommon that they are very careful in selecting a new agency. That’s why we are excited to offer a 60 day risk-free trial.

Occasionally, clients confuse risk free with free. The trial IS free if you aren’t happy for any reason (and spend the agreed upon amount listed on this page). If you are satisfied and wish to continue using our services then we ask to be paid for our work during the trial.

Pay Nothing If You Are Not 100% Satisfied!

At the end of your 60 day trial if you are not thrilled with the results or the service then you owe us nothing for management. And best of all there is no long-term contract! Please watch our testimonials video below. Below the testimonials video are more details about this plan.

This is an invitation-only program so we cannot guarantee we will offer this to everyone. Please call us now at 800-645-9521 so we can discuss your situation and be sure we are a good fit. This offer is valid for new potential clients already spending at least $2000 per month (for some accounts we require a $5000 minimum monthly spend history). In some select cases (like law firms where we know your practice area well) we may make this offer for clients who have never advertised on Google AdWords. Please contact us for details.

We charge $495 upfront as an advance of your management fees. This is refunded at the end of two months if you are not happy as long as you have spent the agreed-upon amount on your Google advertising during your trial. We are making a big investment in your firm by spending a lot of time optimizing your Google AdWords account. This way we are compensated if a client does not start a trial, or does not see it through. Just remember as long as you fulfill your end of the deal you will receive the $495 back if you are not happy.

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Are We Crazy?

We know of no one else in the industry offering a 60 day trial for full-service Google AdWords management. We can’t think of a better way to test drive a new PPC agency than being able to do so for free if you are not happy with the results. We of course have to have a high degree of confidence that both you as a new client and Webrageous will be able to make money together so we reserve the right to decline this offer to some clients.

See Why We Are So Confident

Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more details at 800-645-9521 .