The Top Pay Per Click Managers are…

1. Reliable
Hand over your online advertising needs to our reliable pay per click managers and all your pay per click needs will be taken care of. Campaigns will begin bringing in new clients immediately, advertisement text will be optimized thoroughly and you advertising budget will be put to good use.

Our account managers will run your advertising campaigns without the need to have your constant help every step of the way.

2. We can be reached at (almost!) all times of the day
The Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous are the best in the business because they actually do answer their phones and respond to their emails at all times of the day. If you cannot reach your Google AdWords Manager immediately, you will always be called back. You will never have to do the chasing when working with us.

3. We are Qualified in Pay Per Click Management
All Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous Studios are fully qualified in Google AdWords Advertising and the company has a Google AdWords Certified Badge displayed on its website as proof of this fact.
4. We are Knowledgeable about the area of business in which your company works
Top Pay Per Click Managers ensure that they are not only specialists in online advertising, but that they are also aware of the current situations affecting the business fields of the clients whom they serve.

For instance, Webrageous Studios is not just a specialist in Google AdWords Management, but is also a specialist in Law Firm Pay Per Click. Our PPC Managers are fully aware of the varying restrictions that are placed on US Law Firms wishing to advertise their services online and how those services change depending on which US state they are practicing in.

Thanks to this added specialist knowledge, Webrageous Studios is able to provide excellent account management for Law Firms via Google AdWords today. Our managers know their advertising very well and they know even more about US law firm advertising.

5. We are Creative
Any Pay Per Click Manager who wants to be good at what he/she does needs to be creative. It is a quality that he/she must possess in order to create appealing advertising text, attractive landing pages and engaging website designs.

Even though many account managers do not offer website design as part of their services, Webrageous Studios believes it to be essential to the development of online advertising success. Our creativity ensures that our Pay Per Click Managers are the best in the business today.

6. We are Insanely Analytical and Superb with Numbers/Data
If your Pay Per Click Manager loves to spend time analyzing the figures and data behind your advertising campaign, he/she is going to be a very effective account manager. The most important element of online advertising is the analysis of campaigns to see what is working, what isn’t and why.

Webrageous Studios makes full use of tools and features such as Google Analytics and Google Intelligence and in order to maintain up-to-date about all of the accounts that we are running at any given time.

Our love for this side of the job is what makes us the account managers in the business and is the main reason why you should contact us above and beyond any other management company that you have been looking into elsewhere.

7. We are Industrious
If you are an advertising client working with Webrageous Studios, you will succeed. We are so industrious, passionate and concerned about being the best that we can be, that we are always making improvements to the ways in which we run our advertising campaigns for the better.

We always find new ways of improving our services and it is this industrious nature that allows us to sail off ahead of our competitors without not so much as a mere glance behind us.

8. We are Patient
At Webrageous Studios, we understand that you have approached us to run your advertising campaign for you because you don’t have the time to become proficient in the subject yourself. Therefore, we will always be very patient with you when you don’t understand something that is simply because of a lack of online advertising experience.

Our account managers are the best in in business because we are willing and happy to take the time to repeatedly explain a process to you and to talk through all the options/consequences of making certain decisions to your online marketing so that you are fully happy with what we are doing on your behalf.

If you ever have a question, we want you to contact us. If you ever don’t understand something, we want you to ask us to explain it to you.

Top account managers, like those working for Webrageous, are the most patient people in the world. Test out this theory and give us a call or send an email to us today. We are waiting to help you with all your online advertising needs.