Links Must Be User-Friendly

It is becoming even more difficult to find basic contact information on websites these days. At times it appears that inconveniencing the online customer is actually fashionable and this is of course only going to alienate your clients unnecessarily.

It seems ridiculous that when someone clicks on a link which they expect to take them to a simple page with clear contact details on it that they get sent somewhere else first in order to fill in a form or sign up for something for free but that you still don’t want. If you want to increase conversions your website links and access to contact details must be user-friendly.

No matter how good your pay per click manager is and no matter how well your pay per click campaign is doing, your business could be attracting more conversions if you paid more attention to your links and to your website’s usability and navigation.

This is primarily important in order to improve pay per click results, of course, but it is also essential in order to strengthen your online presence as a whole, specifically through organic search. (more…)

PPC Campaign Testing to Improve Conversions… Don’t Do It!

Did you read the heading of this post correctly?

Yes, you did.

Webrageous Studios is saying that sometimes there are reasons NOT to test your PPC Campaign.

At the risk of appearing a little bold, Webrageous Studios wants to highlight the fact that there are instances when PPC Managers should not be testing their PPC Campaigns for conversion improvements. There are moments and examples of PPC Campaigns that are simply not going to benefit from testing of any kind and therefore the time and energy put into these tests by the PPC Manager is simply put to waste.

But when exactly is it not a good idea to be testing a PPC Campaign?

There are a number of reasons that spring to mind, but the top three would have to be as follows: (more…)