It is becoming even more difficult to find basic contact information on websites these days. At times it appears that inconveniencing the online customer is actually fashionable and this is of course only going to alienate your clients unnecessarily.

It seems ridiculous that when someone clicks on a link which they expect to take them to a simple page with clear contact details on it that they get sent somewhere else first in order to fill in a form or sign up for something for free but that you still don’t want. If you want to increase conversions your website links and access to contact details must be user-friendly.

No matter how good your pay per click manager is and no matter how well your pay per click campaign is doing, your business could be attracting more conversions if you paid more attention to your links and to your website’s usability and navigation.

This is primarily important in order to improve pay per click results, of course, but it is also essential in order to strengthen your online presence as a whole, specifically through organic search.

You might find that someone has referenced you on a free listing at some point. However, the landing page that this listing sends an interested internet user to is actually doing more harm than good, because this landing page has no direct links to contact pages and therefore when the interested customer from an ordinary organic search page wants to contact you, they realize they can’t.

What do they do?

They leave your site and they go elsewhere.

Perhaps all of your pay per click advertisements link to beautiful pages with excellent navigational systems, but this can’t be your only area of focus. Just because pay per click customers are not going to see the parts of your website that should have long been forgotten, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the internet audience aren’t going to stumble across it and so you must be prepared for this.

Make it easy for your potential customers to find the information that they want to find. Make your links clear, quick and highly relevant on every single page. Contact Webrageous Studios to discuss this matter in more depth if you feel you need a little more guidance.