In Search of a Pay Per Click Manager

Searching for a good pay per click manager can sometimes feel like going on an archaeology expedition.

Wading through the masses of pay per click advice and information online can feel like hunting through the desert in Pay Per Click Managersearch of long lost artifacts.
When pay per click is involved, everyone wants to give their tips on the best tools to use, why search engine optimization is better, or not better, and how to go about it. Sometimes it is hard to tell which of this advice is sponsored and which is not.
So if you are looking for a pay per click manager who improves your advertising campaigns, how do you know where to search and who to choose? (more…)

Pay Per Click Managers Help Achieve Success

If long-running game show Jeopardy was to do a segment on achieving success in online advertising, the question (or should I say answer) would again and again be Pay Per Click advertising with a Pay Per Click manager.

Are you ready? Then let’s play Jeopardy!Pay Per Click Managers Achieve Success
A: The best form of online advertising. Q: What is Pay Per Click advertising?

If you are looking to advertise online and achieve as much success for as little cost as possible then there is no better way to go than Pay Per Click.
Pay Per Click allows advertisers to target the people that are most likely going to make conversions. Pay Per Click advertising means businesses can market their campaigns to any part of the world, even a very small and specific area, and choose targeting options. (more…)

PPC Qualified Account Manager or Professional PPC Imposter?

It is very important to note the differences between fully qualified PPC Account Managers and PPC imposters who will charge you the same amount for their services without delivering even half of the expertise you deserve.

The problem is knowing who is the trustworthy, well-qualified PPC Account Manager and who the PPC imposter is. This is particularly difficult when you know little about the details of PPC Management and are specifically looking to hire an expert because of your lack of knowledge.

For this reason, Webrageous Studios has put together a short but thorough article that lists five of the main ways in which a PPC imposter can be identified and safely ignored. These five ways are as follows: (more…)