Searching for a good pay per click manager can sometimes feel like going on an archaeology expedition.

Wading through the masses of pay per click advice and information online can feel like hunting through the desert in search of long lost artifacts.
When pay per click is involved, everyone wants to give their tips on the best tools to use, why search engine optimization is better, or not better, and how to go about it. Sometimes it is hard to tell which of this advice is sponsored and which is not.
So if you are looking for a pay per click manager who improves your advertising campaigns, how do you know where to search and who to choose?
Here is a look at how you can wade through the advice and choose a pay per click manager in just a few simple steps:

Look for a pay per click manager who is professional and experienced

You want your pay per click manager to bring in new clients and achieve conversions so you need to make sure they are going to be able to do that. Check that their website appears professional and doesn’t exaggerate their abilities.
Look for awards and qualifications that match the service they’re offering, such as Google AdWords certification. Also look at what their clients have to say. If the pay per click manager has a long list of clients from reputable companies – even better if it’s in video form – who are raving about the pay per click manager, then chances are they’re going to be good.

Look for a pay per click manager who is technically proficient

When you click on a pay per click manager’s site, make sure they list their technical abilities. You want to know that they are going to be able to hand the technical side of your campaign. Pay per click is very technical so they need to be proficient in all aspects of paid search tools and online management.
You also want to look for extra capabilities that the pay per click manager can offer, if you might need extra services. These might include search engine optimization abilities for natural search results, website design, phone call tracking, and foreign language abilities. These will all be important in a pay per click manager as your pay per click campaigns expand and your online marketing needs changed.

Look for a pay per click manager who knows how to market online

If you are searching for a pay per click manager in one of the search engines then ideally you should be able to find them in the first page of results. A pay per click manager’s business is achieving top results in the search engines so they should be able to do it for themselves.
So you should be able to see straight up what their SEO techniques are like by where they are listed. You also want to know that your pay per click manager knows how to market themselves so their name should be spread around the Internet, with articles mentioning their services, articles on their pay per click managers and company founders and awards they have won. They should also have informative articles and a blog on pay per click advertising within their site.

Look for a pay per click manager who achieves results

Once you have chosen a pay per click manager, test out their services and see if they achieve results for your campaign. You should start to see a significant return on investment, lower cost per click, and increase in conversions, depending on your respective needs. Throughout this time your pay per click manager should be looking for ways to optimize you campaign, keeping your advertisements fresh and making sure your landing pages are relevant to the advertisements.
A good pay per click manager should keep constant tracking of your campaigns in order to improve them, to look for ways to maximize your budget and to watch out for click fraud. If you are currently with a pay per click manager that is not meeting these goals then it might be time to look for a pay per click manager who does.
Pay per click management company Webrageous’ pay per click managers meet all of the above qualities.
To find out exactly how Webrageous meets these prerequisites then have a read of this article on how to end the search for a pay per click manager.
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