What are the Worst PPC Management Sins?

PPC Managers are human beings too, first and foremost, just like everybody else. Therefore, just like everybody else PPC Managers do make mistakes and shouldn’t be treated too harshly when such things occur, particularly if these mistakes happen once every millennium.
However, there are a number of PPC Management Sins that really can’t and shouldn’t ever be forgiven. (more…)

An Easy Way to Improve your PPC Campaign

One of the easiest ways to improve any PPC campaign that you are managing is to care about your client’s business; to be passionate about what it is that they do or sell. In short, it is important to truly care about the content of what you are managing. If you do this, then improving the quality and success of any PPC campaign will suddenly begin to be a lot easier all round.

All PPC clients care about their businesses or whatever it is that they are promoting. There is an unspoken truth that is part and parcel of working as a PPC Manager and that is that you should also care about their business.

In order to promote a business, product or service, it makes sense that you should know everything there is to know. In this way, the PPC Management that you will be able to offer will be well informed and a lot more natural. The more natural it is, the more you will be able to think like an internet user (like a human being) and less like a computer or an online system like Google AdWords, for example.

PPC Campaigns that are successful have that human touch. Therefore, the following tips aim to reveal ways in which a PPC Manager can get to grips with a business and what it does in a short space of time. The quicker you can know all there is to know about the product that your PPC campaign is aiming to sell, the better. So, take a look at these following tips: (more…)

Internet Users are NOT one dimensional… Links should reflect this fact!

Do you want internet users to be crawling your site? Do you want internet users to sign up in order to receive emails to your inbox every day with links to compelling content that it going to draw them back time and time again? Do you want to know how to create this compelling content and how to use links in the same way?

The answer lies in the fact that internet users are human beings. They are not one-dimensional and their ideas, opinions and beliefs change radically every day. Your PPC Management style should reflect this. (more…)