PPC Managers are human beings too, first and foremost, just like everybody else. Therefore, just like everybody else PPC Managers do make mistakes and shouldn’t be treated too harshly when such things occur, particularly if these mistakes happen once every millennium.
However, there are a number of PPC Management Sins that really can’t and shouldn’t ever be forgiven.
For instance, if you are a teacher and you do not read the syllabus to check how long an exam is going to be in order to prepare your students thoroughly, that is unforgivable. It’s not difficult to check that sort of information and teachers who don’t check out these kinds of things are just being lazy.
If you are a doctor and you don’t wash your hands or change your gloves in between caring for different patients, you are committing an unforgivable sin. Sometimes it is impossible to save someone’s life and a doctor cannot be held responsible in these instances, but to not follow basic procedures that are part and parcel of your job is just sheer sloppiness.
In the same way, there are a number of PPC Management Sins that should never be committed by a PPC Manager who has any kind of professional pride. Read the detailed article on the Webrageous Studios website about PPC Management Sins to find out if your PPC Manager is doing his or her best for your business or not.

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