PPC management company hires another full-time Google AdWords manager

PPC management company, Webrageous, recently made a superb hire of yet another full-time Google AdWords manager.

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The new marketing expert is already working as part of the expert team of online marketing specialists, managing large budgets for a wide range of loyal clients and benefitting from the incredible long-term job security that Webrageous is able to provide.


Webrageous boasts 100% advertising client retention over the past year, something which many marketing management companies are unable to achieve. The industry naturally lends itself to a high turnover of clients, particularly because a number of marketing management companies promise advertising results that they can’t deliver which leaves advertising clients feeling disappointed and cheated. (more…)

Pay Per Click Management Jobs: Are there any advantages?

Pay per click Management Jobs at Webrageous offer the pay per click employee many perks and advantages, particularly after a long service to our company. Pay per click management is a challenging form of online marketing and a demanding industry within which to work. What’s more, the pay per click management industry also changes and develops faster than most.

Even so, the management of pay per click campaigns remains attractive for many reasons. The highs of working in pay per click definitely balance out the pressures, which are mainly felt because pay per click management jobs are stressful and time-consuming.

If you still want to know what the best reasons are for working in pay per click, keep reading…

Pay per click management jobs are all about utilizing a variety of skills

If you are an adaptable, flexible and multi-talented person, pay per click management jobs have everything you could possibly wish for. All pay per click managers must be able to do the following: (more…)