What are the Two Most Important Online Marketing Strategies for Local Retailers?

PPC Management is full of tricks and ideas and strategies and effective approaches. We cannot cover them all, especially if we are a small, local business, without the time and energy to do so. Therefore, what are the two essential online marketing strategies for local retailers to focus on above all else to ensure online marketing success?

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Can I Market My Business Online Without a Website?

The short answer to whether a business can be marketed online without having a website is “yes.” In fact, a website that is not being marketed properly will cause more problems and more disappointment than a business without a website in the first place.

Too many small businesses register a domain name and then do nothing with their site. Even worse, however, those same businesses then also do nothing to promote their worthless website. Their marketing strategies are really poor and as a result little traffic is driven to the site, the business’ reputation and brand doesn’t grow and sales do not increase.

What is essential in terms of running a business today is developing an active online reputation, managing your online presence and doing everything you can to both better your search listing position and increase your PPC conversions. All three things can be done without having a website. (more…)