PPC Management is full of tricks and ideas and strategies and effective approaches. We cannot cover them all, especially if we are a small, local business, without the time and energy to do so. Therefore, what are the two essential online marketing strategies for local retailers to focus on above all else to ensure online marketing success?

Keep reading to find out…

1. Utilize all local listings

As a retailer, you must make sure that you are present in all the online listings in all the areas where you have a physical store presence. This is absolutely essential for any kind of retailer, in any location, of any size and budget.

Local online listings always appear above general search listings for all major search engines, such as Google, which is why all retailers should be taking advantage of being listed as a local business.

The strange thing is that most retailers who advertise online still do not make use of these local listings as a way of drawing attention to where their stores are based. Without a doubt, the lack of a local search listing online is one of the best ways to lose out on sales; it is one of the best ways to not take advantage of the power of online advertising.

If you want to increase in-store sales via online advertising, get listed in all local searches on all the major search engines and make sure that the listings/information you provide about the physical store locations you have in operation are thoroughly complete.

This means that if there is the opportunity to provide telephone information, store addresses, maps, postal addresses, customer services locations, etc. make sure that you take the time to sit down and include these listings.

In-store sales and activity will increase once you are listed in all the local searches available and this is why it pays to invest time and energy into creating your local listing profiles.

As a brief introduction, make sure that all your physical store locations are listed in all the possible places and that the following information is provided whenever and wherever possible:

1. Telephone numbers and full store location information
2. A listing description with useful and effective keywords included in the description
3. Images of your stores or brand
4. The use of custom detail about your businesses whenever given the opportunity
5. Listings associated with a range of relevant categories
6. Google tags when appropriate and possible
7. Coupons
8 Videos
9. Mobile coupons for those people searching via the mobile network

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2. Optimize your online presence for mobile and tablet devices

If you still believe that the mobile network has nothing to do with you and your business is not going to benefit from being connected to the mobile network, then think again.

Even if you are not a big user of mobile devices and even if you still use a laptop or PC to search the Internet and do things online, the majority of the Internet audience is infatuated with the mobile device.

A huge proportion of the Internet audience now conduct the majority of their Internet research via mobile devices and a huge percentage of their purchases online via the mobile network too. Why? Because it is convenient.

When people are out and about, perhaps on their way to and from work, they have plenty of time to lose themselves in Internet searches, to check out the information that they have been meaning to look into for a number of days and make a purchase or two.

What’s more, if someone is out and about and they need to buy something in that moment, they are going to be looking for a local store in order to be able to make that purchase. They will conduct a mobile device search for a local business in order to find what they want and then travel to that store in order to make an in-store purchase.

If your business is not listed under local searches, you are going to miss out on this audience, who might very well turn into regular customers once they have learned where your store is in those areas where they spend a lot of their time.

If your website is still not designed with mobile devices in mind, this audience is going to hit the back button and search elsewhere. Get the designers onto the case and develop your mobile website for the important mobile audience without any further delay.

In-store sales and online activity will rise if you concentrate on attracting mobile network users. The data is there and you cannot afford to ignore it any longer. Technology has moved on. Your local business has no other option but to move along with it too.

Final thought

If you do not have the time or resources to be able to do anything else to improve online marketing strategies and in-store sales at this point in time, devote your energy and budget to the two areas highlighted above.

They are the two most important areas to focus on for finding and driving users to both your site and store. Contact the specialists in online advertising at Webrageous for more information at any time.