Improve Google AdWords Management with 4 Questions

If you want to improve your Google AdWords management and you have little time for research of for error, the best thing to do is to ask yourself the following four questions:

Will my target audience type in the keywords I am using?

Improve Google AdWords AdvertisingOpen up the Google search page and pretend that you are a potential client looking for the service your company provides or the products that it sells. What kind of keywords would you type into the search? Use this style of analytical approach to pay per click as a way of improving your Google AdWords management in a very short space of time.

Google AdWords management is best improved when the advertiser does a little research and explores the Google search page a little from time to time too. (more…)

4 Tips to Improve Google AdWords Campaigns

You can never have enough tips when it comes to improving Google AdWords Campaigns. With that in mind, this post highlights 4 ways in which a pay per click advertiser can improve his or her Google AdWords campaign if he / she were managing his /her own advertising campaign.

Tips to Improve Google AdWords CampaignsIt is all very well to have your very own pay per click manager to take care of your Google AdWords campaign for you, but what about those of us who are trying to do everything on our own?
The following 4 tips to improve Google AdWords campaigns are designed for those of us who are going it alone in pay per click advertising land. They are tips for the more experienced pay per click advertiser to take on board and there are plenty more where they came from should you want a little more help.
In this instance, contact Webrageous Studios immediately, who can act as a pay per click consultant for you, which brings us neatly onto Google AdWords campaign tip number 1… (more…)

Why is Link Building Essential to Google AdWords Pay Per Click?

It is easy to see why link building is essential for SEO purposes. If you want to appear high up in the rankings of the Google Organic SERP Listings, link building is going to be very important to you.

But why should Pay Per Click Advertisers worry about link building when trying to improve their Google AdWords Pay Per Click Campaigns?

Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns

It is easy to see how lots of incoming links would make the Googlebots trust your website more and list your website content far higher up the Google Organic SERP Listings, because the more incoming links your website has, the more authority your website has too.

However, why should link building matter so much if you are a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertiser? If you are advertising through Google AdWords and paying for your right to advertise on the Google Paid SERP Listings, wouldn’t it be best to invest time and money into making those advertisements better target the intended audience and create some fantastic advertisement text to generate interest? (more…)