Tip of the Day – Google Places: Check For Outdated Address Information

google places outdated informationPPC Managers listen up… Google Places can be an excellent feature to use if you are thinking about building a brand for the company that you are working for. Branding Campaigns are effective PPC Campaigns for those companies and businesses which have a lot of competition and need to set themselves apart by making their brand names more important than what it is they actually do.
For instance, the brand Nike is perhaps more important and more popular as a brand than it is as a manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing. In fact, a lot of the Nike advertising hardly ever focuses on the product for the product’s sake. Wearing Nike sports gear is more about feeling good or being proud of being a well-rounded woman (one recent campaign featured a female with curvaceous glutei muscles and who was proud of her shape, whilst wearing her Nike outfit) for example.
However, today’s tip for Google Places concerns the verification of all company details that are listed across the Internet, making sure that these details are up-to-date. (more…)

7 Ways to Measure the Success of Branding Campaigns

There are a number of different ways in which to better measure the effectiveness of any Branding Campaign that you are running on the Content Network. Many of these metrics are often overlooked by PPC Managers who are Content Network novices and therefore this article aims to highlight the important factors to take into consideration when measuring the success of Branding Campaigns in the future.

Most PPC Managers already know that measuring reach and frequency is a useful way of analyzing the impact of Branding Campaigns at any given time. However, this article hopes to explain how these two factors cannot possibly form the overall picture of a Branding Campaign’s effectiveness.

There are many techniques that should be employed in order to analyze the complete effect of your Branding Campaigns on a much deeper level. The understanding generated by looking at a Branding Campaign from the perspectives listed below is the kind of understanding you need in order to know whether your Branding Campaign is really having a positive effect or not.

Effectively Measuring the Effectiveness of Branding Campaigns

Instead of only measuring the reach and frequency of your Branding Campaigns, try these different approaches. Take note of the changes that occur within the following and you may find that you are managing a much higher quality campaign than you had previously thought.

Webrageous Studios suggests that you measure the following:

  1. Changes in brand searches
  2. Changes in the amount of visitors to your website overall
  3. The length of time that an internet user remains on your website
  4. How many pages an internet user visits when they are on your site
  5. An increase in traffic from specific geographical areas
  6. Changes in the CTR and conversions on Search Network campaigns
  7. Information gathered using Google’s View-Through Tracking Feature

For more insight into the seven ideas for measuring the success of brand campaigns above, read the full article on the Webrageous Studios Website.