Keywords and Bid Management

Pay pay click bid management is one of the most complex elements of a pay per click management campaign.

Pay per click bid management is a subtle business and there are a number of different theories behind the best way in which to manage the bids of a PPC client. For example, PPC Managers who are focusing on their pay per click bid management skills could do the following: (more…)

New Google AdWords Online Course in Bid Management

If you are interested in improving your bidding management skills for the Google AdWords network, then you are in luck. Google AdWords has recently published a new online course available to anyone who has a Google AdWords Account and ID number at any time.

The course comes in the form of an online video accessible by clicking here on this link and then entering in your personal Google AdWords Account details in order to continue. The course is quick, but thorough and full of lots of tips direct from Google AdWords about the best way in which to manage the bidding element of your PPC Campaign to the best of your ability. (more…)