How does a PPC advertising beginner make good optimization decisions?

The journey into paid search advertising or bidding on display networks can be a little frustrating to many new AdWords users. Beginners keen on making progress in their advertising should focus on several key areas in PPC campaign development.

Keyword ResearchBelow are four tips to help even the most inexperienced PPC advertisers optimize their accounts.

Optimize advertisement text

Though PPC campaigns on the Display Network can also include video and image advertisements, it is the accompanying text that contains the call to action. PPC advertisements should be crafted in a creative way that drives the user towards your website. The words used should be attractive to your ideal customers and unappealing to everyone else. Including prices or descriptive words such as “affordable or premium” can give your audience an idea of whether or not the product or service is suitable for them. This is a fine art, so start practicing your pitch. (more…)

Why Google AdWords is the best form of PPC Advertising

When it comes to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management, Google AdWords is by far the leading product offered in the industry. With a thriving Display Network composed of hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs, Google AdWords is the ideal platform and the best form of PPC Advertising for any business interested in exposure and long term online marketing success.

The Best Form of PPC Advertising

best form of PPC AdvertisingWith global search engine market share at 88.2% as of February 2013, Google is a global giant in paid search engine advertising. The company’s AdWords PPC campaign management product is home to hundreds of thousands of advertisers and offers lots of ways to capitalize on fluid market trends, making it, undoubtedly, the best form of PPC Advertising.
Users have the capacity to reach an audience anywhere online while getting the support required to drive conversions. The platform offers text, image and video formats to best enable users to communicate their message to potential customers.

Context and targeting

With the right PPC management experts at your side, your firm will be able to utilize Google’s contextual targeting technology which can match your advertisements to the most relevant web pages in the Google Display Network. For more autonomy, Google allows advertisers the option to bid for spaces on specific websites that they would like their advertisements to appear. For example, if your business sells household items, you may select an online magazine popular among your customers.

More Opportunities for Analysis

The Google Adwords product also gives advertisers many avenues to test the performance of their campaign and in the ‘Opportunities’ tab there are a slew of suggestions on how to optimize. Google’s Placement Performance Report can give your business the chance to review advertising performance on every single site you choose. You can view impressions, clicks, costs, and conversion data and therefore determine where to target more or less aggressively. You can’t get that anywhere else outside the best form of PPC advertising.
Google AdWords is also extremely flexible when it comes to your budget restrictions. For starters, there is no minimum spending requirement to restrict you at any point; you completely determine the financial direction you want to take. It is important to note that you can change your daily budget at any time. Google will suggest a recommended daily budget based on a number of factors including the strength of your keyword selection. This recommended budget is a mere guideline and is not compulsory.
On the Google Search Network charges are made only if someone clicks on the advertisement. The charge is called your ‘cost per click’. Advertisers can also opt into the Google Display Network where their advertisements are shown on an array of newspaper websites, blogs and other popular web pages. Advertisers here are charged per thousand impression (views) or CPM. Both CPC and CPM can be lowered by using a set of strategies that include optimizing landing page and keyword selection. Seeing huge results at lower costs, that definitely the mark of the best form of PPC advertising there is.

Lower Costs, Higher Rankings

If you want to enter the world of PPC advertising it pays to do so on a firm foundation. This means finding the most lucrative, dynamic and engaging platform to interact with users and increase your exposure.
Here at Webrageous we can guarantee you 100% that this platform is Google Adwords. Because we know that we can’t let any of your clients down, we work only with the best form of PPC advertising, the only way for our clients to stay happy with what they see. And when we’re talking about the best form of PPC advertising, you know that it has to be Google AdWords.

The Google AdWords Campaign Management Advantage

If you had an old relic, an antique worth a lot of money, you would do anything you could to keep it in mint condition, right? Well, the same thing applies with Google AdWords. Google AdWords campaign management, that is, good Google AdWords campaign management, aims to keep your Google AdWords campaigns in mint condition.
Google AdWords Campaign ManagementThat is why, just like when you seek the right expert to clean and polish your antiques, you must also find the right kind of Google AdWords management. This is important as management by people who don’t know what they’re doing or who don’t have adequate experience or qualifications risk damaging your Google AdWords campaigns and losing you a lot of money, just like a mistreated antique could render it worthless.

The Advantage of Using Google AdWords Campaign Management

Any of this could happen in as short a time period as a day so it is very important to find the best Google AdWords campaign management with years of experience handling AdWords campaigns and up-to-date Google AdWords qualifications.
Here are a few more reasons why you should be seeking the top Google AdWords management in the market:

Think of Google AdWords as a prized artifact that everyone is bidding on.

Google continues to be the most widely accessed Internet search engine in the world, with hundreds of millions of people searching online for any number of things on Google every day. With the huge number of people accessing the popular search engine, it is only logical that Google AdWords is the biggest paid search marketing tool.
With this in mind, it also makes sense that Google AdWords is going to be very competitive. In order to get a spot on the top of the list you will need a Google AdWords management expert to handle exactly how you handle your bidding campaign as well as market what it is that you are selling. When it comes to any aspect of Google AdWords, the experts in Google AdWords management will have it covered.

Google AdWords campaign management will keep your relics well-maintained without costing you an arm and a leg.

The best Google AdWords management experts know how to keep your Google AdWords campaigns performing without charging you extra for it. In fact, they should be able to save you money, potentially a lot of money. Any great Google AdWords management company should have the experience to be able to stay within your budget and still see results.
By using a series of techniques to make the best of Google AdWords accounts, your manager should be able to keep your campaigns in great shape without you having to put in extra money. In the long run, Google AdWords campaign management not only increases the value of your campaigns, it also costs you less in the long run. Therefore, when it comes to Google AdWords it is always better to outsource. It is then just a matter of finding the best Google AdWords management company to meet your online advertising needs.

Google AdWords management will keep you in the bidding war.

It shouldn’t matter how small or large your company is when it comes to Google AdWords. Anyone can make Google AdWords work with the right management. So if you are in a position where you are being outbid by larger companies then it is time to outsource Google AdWords management to an expert. Google AdWords was designed as a way of making Google accessible to all advertisers so achieving excellent results through your campaigns is achievable.
With Google AdWords management, the keyword bidding war should no longer be a concern as good management should work on a number of things across your campaigns so that your quality score is greatly improved. This could range from optimizing your advertisement text and making sure your advertisements are relevant to your landing pages to improving links and optimizing websites. Google AdWords ranks advertisements based on their quality score so this is an important point.

The best Google AdWords management will see your campaigns outperforming the rest.

With the right Google AdWords campaign management, you can sit back and watch as your campaigns achieve the success they deserve. Google AdWords managers use a number of techniques to optimize your campaigns and ensure they aren’t performing poorly while also focusing those campaigns on those people who you are aiming your product or service at.
That is the beauty of Google AdWords, you can target people who are directly seeking what you are offering and therefore are much more likely to make a conversion. Google AdWords campaign management works towards getting your advertisements into a spot where they will be seen, while also encouraging searchers to click on your advertisement and make a conversion while they’re there, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter or making a purchase.

Join the hunt for priceless valuables.

Google AdWords campaign management turns your old and dusty furniture into priceless valuables, metaphorically speaking. Poorly performing campaigns can be turned into online super sellers with the right help. It is simply a matter of finding the best Google AdWords campaign management out there.
We offer that at pay per click management firm Webrageous, a specialist in Google AdWords campaign management.
For more information on just how we can turn your campaigns around and make them into top sellers, feel free to give us a call at any time. We can also provide you with a free quote and a time to talk to one of our specialist Google AdWords managers.
Alternatively, you can read this article about the great success Webrageous has had in Google AdWords campaign management for our clients.

Google Quality Score Rater Talks to Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land has published a really interesting interview on its site with a Google Quality Score Rater, something that a lot of Webrageous readers would probably be interested in looking into further.

Google AdWords Support GroupOn the one hand, some of the interview is not all that useful for online advertisers who use Google in its various forms to market their businesses (via Google Organic Search or PPC Advertising and Google AdWords, for example) because the first part of the interview covered what it is like to work as a Google Quality Score Rater, how to approach the interview and selection process and what the conditions of work are like on the job.

However, the second half of the interview is useful to online advertisers and Webrageous readers in many ways, because it relates directly to the ways in which Google Quality Score Raters work and how they determine what kind of Quality Scores to give to different websites depending on the various factors involved.

This kind of information is gold dust in the world of online marketing and for this reason we have chosen to highlight the interview today in this post and glean out the best bits for the most important online advertising reading.

Feel free to read the entire interview by clicking on the link at the very top of this post, but for saving time purposes, here are the Google Quality Score Rater Interview Highlights and the sections of the Search Engine Land interview that we believe to be the most pertinent to online advertisers at present… (more…)

Online Marketing Fraud and How to Stay Safe!

Online marketing fraud and without any shade of a doubt does exist. There is no getting around this fact.
Pay Per Click FailuresThere are people out there who make it their daily business to steal your clicks, or use your advertising budget for other things; they lie to you about the work that they are doing for you (work that you pay them to do), saying that they are getting you the clicks need when they are actually spending their time enjoying a long cup of coffee.
These people promise you online marketing results that are simply impossible to achieve. The romance you with stories of online marketing success beyond belief and unfortunately they come very well-informed and know exactly what they have to do to earn your trust.
As we know that these people exist and as we know that online marketing fraud is never going to go away and will always be something that we need to keep on top of, the best thing to do is to be prepared, do our own research and find out as much as we can about how to recognize an online marketing fraudster before we give them the opportunity to ruin our online marketing presence / campaigns.
To this end, Webrageous recently posted an important press release on online marketing fraud that we would like to share with our readers directly today. Click on the link and get clued up fast about online marketing fraud to make sure that you do not become the victim of such a crime in the future.

3 Google AdWords New Year Wishes from Webrageous

Google AdWords New Year wishesIf Google AdWords promised you a wish for the New Year, what would you ask for? What Google AdWords developments would make your Google AdWords advertising even more successful than it already is?

Our Google AdWords New Year Wishes

Webrageous has 3 Google AdWords New Year wishes to ask for:

1. Geo-Targeting at the Ad-Group Level

One of our Google AdWords New Year wishes is having Geo-Targeting at the Ad-Group Level. This would give all Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous the possibility of running more interesting A/B experiments with our campaigns and make it possible to optimize better and encourage better results for our clients.
If the New Year could prompt Google AdWords to make such a development, we would be a group of very happy Pay Per Click Managers.

2. Historical Quality Score Reports

Webrageous would also love to see Google AdWords develop a new set of reports which shows how our quality scores have changed over time.
Considering how important Quality Score is to the pay per click campaigns that we manage, it makes sense to have a report which really focuses on the developments that we make in this particular area over time. Of course, this would be one of our most solemn Google AdWords New Year wishes that we would like to come true.
A Historical Quality Score Report would help us to better optimize our campaigns, without a doubt, and be a fantastic resource for reporting back to our clients too.

3. Longer Holidays for Pay Per Click Managers!

The Pay Per Click Managers at Webrageous work non-stop, all year round. We love our work, but we need a break. This is why one of our biggest Google AdWords New Year wishes is for Google AdWords to come up with a way for us to take a long holiday at some point in the year without having to stop running the campaigns for our important clients at the same time. Perhaps a robot who would take over our roles and do our work for us!
This would be a truly outstanding contribution to the working environment for our Google AdWords Managers. It would keep us smiling for many years to come :-)
What about you? What are your Google AdWords New Year wishes?
If you have ideas about what you would like to see developed at Google AdWords in the New Year, do write to us and let us know. Our Pay Per Click Managers would love to hear about your ideas.

Webrageous Gets Top Google AdWords Reviews

If you are looking for a pay per click management company to outsource your Google AdWords campaign management to, you must find a pay per click management company with great reviews.

Search for Webrageous Reno on google and you’ll find our amazing reviews. Here you can check out our Yelp reviews. And here you’ll find our BBB profile and reviews. Here is one last place to find more 5 star reviews .

Also check out our Testimonials page.

No More Posts about the Secrets of FREE Online Advertising!

Ok. Rant time! There are NO secrets about how to get good at so called FREE online advertising. NONE! NADA! NOTHING! RIEN! It is the same in any language. Free online advertising has NO secrets and I wish people would stop writing false information about the subject and unnecessarily building up the hopes of misinformed wannabe online advertisers.

Online Advertising FreeFirst off… NO form of advertising online or offline is ever FREE. Maybe you don’t have to write a cheque or fill out a credit card form for payment for search engine optimization, but that doesn’t mean that this form of online advertising doesn’t come at a cost.

If you want to get anything out of search engine optimization, the so-called FREE online advertising, where dreams come true for many businessmen and people make millions from just a few simple secrets, you have to spend HOURS and HOURS of your time advertising your business online and optimizing your website so that it is effective at creating interest online.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: (more…)

Need a Pay Per Click Advertising Expert?

Do you need a Pay Per Click Advertising Expert? Do you need someone to manage your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign? Congratulations! You’ve found the most experienced and effective Pay Per Click Advertising Expert in Google AdWords to date…
Pay Per Click Advertising ExpertWebrageous Studios is the Top Pay Per Click Advertising Expert in Google AdWords Management and has been so since 2001. The question is, why is Webrageous Studios the Top Advertising Expert in Pay Per Click via Google AdWords?
What makes Webrageous so good at its job as Pay Per Click Advertising Expert? Why are Webrageous’ advertising clients so loyal to the company?
There are a number of important reasons why Webrageous Studios is the top Pay Per Click Advertising Expert and these reasons are listed below: (more…)

We are The Pay Per Click Management Gurus

Webrageous Studios provides support, advice, instruction and shelter to all of its Pay Per Click Advertising Clients and that is why it is The Pay Per Click Management Guru you need to put yourself in contact with if what you so desire is to improve your Google AdWords Advertising Campaign.
Pay Per Click Management GuruWhy is Webrageous the Pay Per Click Management Guru? Why is it that this Google AdWords Management Company stands out above all the rest? What is it about Webrageous that ensures success for all of its advertising clients? (more…)

Why do I Need a Pay Per Click Consultant?

Webrageous Studios works as both a Pay Per Click Consultant and a Pay Per Click Manager for a number of different businesses/companies in a variety of fields.

I Need a Pay Per Click ConsultantWe work with AdWords Advertisers who need help to improve their online advertising campaigns and we lead them to success via Google AdWords Advertising.

We always succeed in our role as Pay Per Click Consultant. We always ensure that advertisers see immediate and constant improvements to their online advertising campaigns and we do so through our extensive knowledge and expertise in the area.

But why do advertisers remain with Webrageous Studios? Why is it that, once their Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns are ticking over nicely, our advertising clients stick with us for years and years?

More to the point, why SHOULD you stay with your Pay Per Click Consultant even when your advertising campaign has been doing really well for months, even years? What is the point of paying someone else to manage an online advertising campaign for you, or provide advice about that campaign, if you already know that this campaign works really well, draws in interested traffic and creates conversions on a daily basis? (more…)

What Pay Per Click Services Should Your Expert Advertising Manager Provide?

As a successful provider of Google AdWords Pay Per Click Services, Webrageous Studios believes that the following five elements should be guaranteed to any pay per click client.

If you are paying someone to manage your online advertising for you, then you need to know what kind of Pay Per Click Services you should naturally be receiving.

If you are unaware of the advertising services that you should be getting, how can you possibly hope to make sure that your expert pay per click manager is giving you the best deal for your money?

Pay Per Click Management ServicesIt matters little who the client is or who is offering to manage that client’s campaign. If you pay someone to run your online advertising for you, these are the services that you should expect to receive as a matter of course:

1. Generation of Keywords and Advertisement Text

Any management company providing Pay Per Click Services must be competent in the generation of keywords and effective when creating advertisement text. (more…)

Are you looking for a Google AdWords Expert?

Finding the Best Google AdWords Expert can be difficult.
I know. I’ve tried and was very surprised by the results that were generated when I entered the search term into a major Internet search engine recently. The results inspired me to write this particular post.

My Search for a Google AdWords Expert

Google AdWords ExpertIf you will allow me to indulge a little, I will recount my experience to you and in this way I hope to be able to help you further in your search for the perfect Google AdWords Expert as soon as possible.
As a Google AdWords Certified Pay Per Click Manager at Webrageous Studios, it is my custom to analyze the competition from time to time and as such, I decided to do an ordinary search on the term “Google AdWords Expert” to see what would come up. The search results were very interesting.
I can safely say that the primary links listed in the top three spots on the search engine results page had little to offer the internet user who was in the process of searching for the perfect Google AdWords Expert.
The third listing linked to a home page that had been well optimized for the search term, but the company wasn’t a company offering AdWords Management Services. The second listing linked to a self-help video which showed people how to become an AdWords Expert themselves, which is not quite what I was looking for, as you will no doubt agree. The first listing did link to a site offering Google AdWords Experts for hire, but a lot of the content did not inspire confidence.
The site indicated that AdWords Advertising is complex and difficult and that advertisers need Google AdWords Experts because the whole process is too complex without the aid of a professional. This is simply not true and I think Google would be a little put out if they knew that someone was trying to insinuate that its product is inaccessible.
Indeed, Google AdWords Advertising is one of the most straightforward ways to market your business online. That’s the whole premise behind it. ANYONE can advertise via Google AdWords and this is why it is so successful.

Why People Need a Google AdWords Expert

The reasons why people choose to have an expert managing their AdWords campaigns is NOT because the processes are too complex for them to do themselves. Most people need an expert running their campaigns because they simply don’t have the time to do it themselves. There are more reasons why and these will be revealed to you if you keep reading, but for now it is enough to say that AdWords Advertising is easy to access and works for everyone. Whereas, it does seem that finding an expert to manage your online marketing is the element that could cause many advertisers the most difficulty.
Therefore, I came to the conclusion that if you are looking for a Google AdWords Expert via the Internet, you’re probably going to need a little more help. This is why I have written this post and the linking article, What Makes Webrageous Studios the Perfect Google AdWords Expert? I am hoping that this post will give you the information which appears to be lacking on the subject at present.
The article clearly explains WHY people need a Google AdWords Expert (even though AdWords Advertising is not difficult to get to grips with), WHAT you should be looking for to find the perfect AdWords expert for your campaigns and it also explains WHY Webrageous Studios is so successful as an expert in Google AdWords.
If you like what you read in the article and you find the information in it useful in your quest for a Google AdWords Expert, then contact Webrageous Studios today and discuss your individual marketing needs with one of our Pay Per Click Managers as soon as possible.

What Makes a Top Pay Per Click Manager?

What makes someone good at their job? What makes them stand out from the crowd? What makes clients loyal to their Pay Per Click Managers?

Top Pay Per Click ManagerWhen you’re looking for a good bank manager, you want someone who is fast, reliable and always contactable. When you’re looking for the best personal trainer, you want someone who will be encouraging and fair, but tough on you when you begin to slack. What makes a Pay Per Click Manager top in the online advertising business? How do you know when you have found the Best Pay Per Click Manager for your company, particularly if you are new to online advertising?
Well, the first thing you do is you continue to read this post and the linking article which discusses at length the reasons why Webrageous Studios is a Top Pay Per Click Management Provider.
For a brief overview, however, a Top Pay Per Click Manager really does need to have certain characteristics. They need to be: (more…)

There Are No Complaints About Webrageous Studios

Webrageous Studios ComplaintsWebrageous Studios is an experienced and fully qualified Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Company which specializes in the Pay Per Click of US Law Firms. If you have a complaint about Webrageous Studios, you can contact the company directly and lodge your complaint. We promise to deal with the problem immediately.
Having said that, you will find it very difficult to come across a complaint about Webrageous Studios. The company prides itself on the fact that it is complaint free. The words Complaint and Webrageous Studios are never heard within the same sentence. In fact, this blog post probably already includes more references to Webrageous Studios and Complaints than ever seen before.
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has reported a completely clean sheet for Webrageous Studios. For those of you who aren’t aware, it is very difficult to be awarded an A+ Rating by the BBB but Webrageous Studios has been awarded such a rating and it is partly based on the fact that Webrageous Studios never receives complaints from its clients, both new and long-standing.
Webrageous Studios and Complaints do not go together. (more…)

Link Building Supports Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords Linking TechniquesWebrageous Studios is a Pay Per Click Management Expert on the lookout for a WWF tag team partner in crime.
Ok. Well. Perhaps we need to clarify. Webrageous is not exactly looking for a huge, muscle ripped, steroid pumped, wrestling tag team partner. It’s not looking for someone to help it become the Ultimate Fighting Champion or anything like that, but it is most certainly looking for a Pay Per Click Advertising Client with the drive and energy to succeed in Google AdWords Pay Per Click.
What am I talking about? Have I gone Pay Per Click Management nuts?
Not quite… (more…)

Webrageous Studios’ Updates

webrageous studios updatesWebrageous Studios, a Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Company, has been developing its services quickly over the past few months. The company has increased its Pay Per Click client base, it has been hiring and training more Pay Per Click Managers to join its expert Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Team and it has put plans in place for some serious improvements to its blog and website.
Webrageous Studios, which began as a website design company in 2001, has gone from strength to strength under the leadership of David Chapman, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing. Not only does David Chapman ensure that each of his Pay Per Click Managers are Google AdWords Qualified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of the work, but he also prides himself on the fact that Webrageous Studios offers a highly personalized service thanks to the relatively compact size of the company.
In addition to expanding its client base and to recruiting a number of highly qualified and experienced Pay Per Click Managers in recent months, Webrageous Studios has also focused heavily on improving the content, usability and design of its blog and website to provide an even better resource service for its clients and readers. These developments will be visible to all our readers soon. (more…)

The Google AdWords Oscars: Who Takes Home the Prize?

Google AdWords OscarsBest Actor goes to Colin Firth for his role as King George VI in “The King’s Speech,” Best Actress goes to Natalie Portman for her performance in the somewhat dark spin off of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, “The Black Swan” and Best Director goes to UK’s homegrown Dennis Hooper.
But what about the world of Pay Per Click? What would be declared as the Best Pay Per Click Google AdWords Management Tool if we could indulge ourselves in a night at the Google AdWords Oscars?
Thanks to a little investigating on our part and some further first-hand experience and expert advice from a number of Pay Per Click Managers and Advertisers working with Google AdWords today, Webrageous Studios is proud to present to you its very own version of The Oscars 2011…
We give you: The Google AdWords Oscars
The following Google AdWords Oscar Awards are up for grabs and for each award, we have highlighted a number of nominations:

Google AdWords Oscars Category: The Best Resource for Conversion Increase

  • Google Analytics
  • Estimated Bid Simulator Tool
  • Writing Good Advertisement Text Tips
  • Landing Page Optimization Tips

Google AdWords Oscars Category: The Best Pay Per Click Tool or Feature from Google AdWords

  • Estimated Bid Simulator Tool
  • Ad Extensions
  • Google Remarketing
  • Click to Call Advertisements

Google AdWords Oscars Category: The Best Pay Per Click Feature offered by Webrageous Studios

  • Call Tracking Feature
  • Free Website for Pay Per Click Law Firm Clients
  • Google AdWords Personal Representative
  • Google AdWords Qualified PPC Managers

Google AdWords Oscars Category: The Coolest Pay Per Click Resource

  • Google AdWords Youtube Channel
  • Google AdWords Blog
  • Webrageous Studios Call Tracking Feature

Join us with a trip to the Google AdWords Oscars and find out which of the highlighted nominations above have made the cut and come out on top at the Google AdWords Pay Per Click Oscars Ceremony by clicking on this link.
Make sure you slip into your best outfit and give your hair a quick brush before your click. You wouldn’t want to arrive looking like last night’s dog’s dinner in front of the other Google AdWords Pay Per Click Oscars’ glamorous guests now, would you?

Outsourcing Google AdWords Management

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementGoogle AdWords, Google’s well known and highly successful program for paid online advertising, is quite a complex program which grows in complexity and detail every day. For those people who have been working with Google AdWords for years, the regular developments can still be difficult to keep up with, even with all their prior experience and knowledge of the network in tow. It’s also hard to know who to trust. That’s why we offer a 60 day risk free trial so you can take us for a test drive.

Therefore, imagine how daunting it must be to begin advertising via the Google AdWords network without any experience or training in the field whatsoever. In truth, it is almost impossible to run a Google AdWords PPC Campaign without experience and training, which is why so many advertisers search for a PPC Management Company so that they can outsource their Google AdWords needs to a specialist.

Without outsourcing Google AdWords Management to a specialised PPC Management Company the PPC Advertiser is bound to waste a great deal of time, but more importantly money as well.


Because unless you know how to bid effectively, optimize for conversion increase and analyse CTR against ROI, for example, PPC Advertising through Google AdWords will cost a lot of money and deliver very little custom in return. Eventually, the advertising budget will run dry and your business will be at a complete loss.

Webrageous Studios has the answer to your problems.

If you outsource Google AdWords Management to Webrageous Studios you can expect the following PPC services to bring you closer towards PPC advertising success: (more…)

Introducing the Google AdWords Contextual Discovery

Google AdWords Contextual DiscoveryGoogle never stops looking to the future. It never refrains from creating the next Google Tool or projecting towards the next Google focus. Last year, Google has focused a great deal on the local internet user via tools for local search and mobile queries. This year it seems that Google’s plan is to continue making it even easier for internet users to find information about what they want… this time, before they have even asked for it through Google AdWords Contextual Discovery.

What is Google AdWords Contextual Discovery?

Contextual Discovery is, as Google itself is describing it at present, “Google results without the search.”
Ah yes, Google is pulling out all of the stops with this one! Google plans, through Google AdWords Contextual Discovery, to give the internet user exactly what they are looking for before they even begin to look for it.
Google’s Marissa Mayer explains that Google AdWords Contextual Discovery works by “taking a user’s location as a piece of context for finding what they want without them actually searching for anything.” Once Google has your location and has recorded information taken from your Web Browser and your Web Tool Bar, it will begin to make educated calculations about what it is that you would like more information on, even if you logged on to the Internet without the intention of searching for it.
Google can look into where you have been browsing recently and what interests you have been showing recently (a little like the way in which PPC Advertising works on the Google Display Network) and then information that you need can be sent your way immediately, without you having to do anything.
An example of what Google AdWords Contextual Discovery might do is to serve an internet user a copy of the menu from a restaurant in a side panel when that internet user is looking at that restaurant’s website. Another example could be that Google provides a list of relevant articles in a header panel if the internet user is reading about a particular topic on a daily news site.

What does this mean for PPC Advertisers?

It means that your focus on location and the local internet searcher should be higher next year. Make sure your website would be picked up by Google as being useful for local internet searchers, just as much as it would for international internet users at all times. If you optimize for local search, Contextual Discovery is bound to start doing some effective and free advertising for you on your part.
Make your website a place full of important and relevant content, encouraging Google to cite your website through Contextual Discovery as and when the tool begins to come into play next year.
For more information, contact Webrageous Studios directly today.