Quality Score is the X Factor to improving any PPC (Google Ads) campaign. By improvement we are talking about the reduction of cost and increase of conversions. Both can be achieved via an improved Quality Score. Quality Score determines how much you pay for every advertising click and it is normally the largest factor in determining whether a PPC campaign is profitable or not.

For this reason, in 2007 an Australian based company developed a program designed to help PPC managers improve the Quality Score of the campaigns they manage whilst cutting down on the amount of time it takes to do it. This is important as “time” is also a big factor in terms of saving clients money too. The program they developed, Speed PPC, is now, after three years, showing signs of having all the answers to time and Quality Score problems.

Why Was Speed PPC Developed?

In essence, after managing campaign after campaign and realizing that Quality Score really was the important X Factor in terms of effective PPC Management, Speed PPC began as a small time experiment. Relevancy is the key to Quality Score and therefore the founders of the program began concentrating on how to create:

* smaller ad groups
* keywords that were more closely related to the advertisements
* advertisements that were more closely related to the landing pages

Their work proved to be really effective but incredibly time consuming. It was simply too much work to do with only a few hands and employing a larger group of people to work on the project didn’t have successful results either. It was difficult to manage a large group of people and ensure that the quality of what they were doing remained constant.

Therefore, as a way of focusing further on Quality Score and time efficiency, the program, Speed PPC, was born.

What Can You Do With Speed PPC?

Below is a list of all the different things that Speed PPC allows you to do when managing a Google Ads campaign and aiming to improve its Quality Score:

* the system has over 400 built-in keyword modifier lists to aid in the development of long tail lists
* with this information, Speed PPC constructs LOTS of tiny ad groups
* each TINY ad group has its own small and focused list of keywords attached to it
* there’s a really impressive keyword insertion tool included in the program to help create advertisement text for each of the tiny ad groups
* landing page solutions come in the form of a series of templates (This means that you don’t have to create the landing pages yourself as the templates pick up the information automatically. Therefore, a number of different landing pages can be created to correspond with every single advertisement that has been created within a campaign).

The Speed PPC Landing Page Solution in More Detail

The landing pages that are automatically created by installing the software on your server are excellent. They provide easy ways to create amazing results because the pages that are created are like bridge pages. All the details are taken from the data feed and then that information is placed on the fly. It is therefore possible to create a landing page for every single product that is being sold in VERY LITTLE TIME.

The time factor is indeed a key and positive feature of the Speed PPC program. Time is money and poor Quality Score means adding to these expenses too. This program aims to, and is achieving at present, a reduction in both.

The templates are full of existing content already written to save time and money and to help focus on the Quality Score of a campaign too, but the templates are also incredibly flexible. There is a lot of room for maneuver and creativity. For this reason the Speed PPC program has been satisfying a lot of its users. Read this short article about the success of a Speed PPC user to see the kind of effects the program has already had on real campaigns.

Things to be Aware of Regarding Speed PPC

As with any program there are always certain factors which need to be taken into consideration. That’s not to say that these factors are negative ones, but they are certainly things that any PPC manager really needs to be aware of. Below is a short list of the features of Speed PPC which are important to know:

* Speed PPC has the capability of creating HUGE campaigns and sometimes these campaigns exceed the limitations of an AdWords Account, for example. Google does put a limit on the amount of keywords allowed in a campaign and therefore this is an important factor to take note of.
* Speed PPC works with all search engines, but really has the best results with AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center/MSN.
* Plans are in motion to begin supporting the Facebook platform too, once Facebook opens up its API a little further

In conclusion, if wanting a little more help with the improvement of your PPC campaign’s Quality Score and if wanting to save a lot of time in the process, Speed PPC really could be the answer that you are looking for.

Also, if anyone is utilizing the program and has some comments to add to this post, they would be highly welcomed. We would love to hear about your experiences in order to use the information to keep this article up to date. Thanks in advance.