If in need of PPC Management help or SEO advice, it is the opinion of Webrageous Studios that the following two blogs will be able to provide you with all the information that you require. Whether you are a PPC novice or a PPC amateur, the following two PPC and SEO blogs will have something to offer you at the level of support that is most fitting.


Search Engine Land Blog

This blog is excellent for PPC Management help and SEO advice for the following reasons:

  1. It provides quality daily e-newsletters directly to your email inbox
  2. It covers a variety of help and advice across a range of different search engines
  3. The range of articles and styles of blog posts available are incredibly broad and they force the readers to take their ideas of PPC Management and SEO Practice that much further

If you sign up to become a member of the Search Engine Land blog, you will receive a daily e-newsletter straight to your inbox. The quality and the format of these e-newsletters are excellent. Firstly, each e-newsletter contains between five and six different updates every day and these updates are listed in a very accessible format. The titles are highlighted clearly in bold (and the titles are also incredibly well written; they are titles that grab the reader’s attention immediately) and below the titles the first paragraph of each article is also included.


The level of information provided in these e-newsletters is enough to let the reader know whether the blog posts are going to be relevant to them or not and therefore it doesn’t take a lot of effort to sift through the information every day. This is a very important quality and one of the reasons why this blog has been highlighted as one of the top three SEO and PPC blogs available.


In addition, the Search Engine Land blog also covers information and updates from all three of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) with equal care and attention. The broad scope provided by this blog means that even if you are managing PPC campaigns through Google AdWords it is also possible to maintain full awareness of how Google AdWords PPC Management compares with that of the PPC Management from other search engines.


This is undoubtedly a very useful quality exhibited by this blog and another reason why it is one of the best PPC and SEO blogs available on the Internet in the opinion of Webrageous Studios today.



SEM Geek Blog

SEM Geek Blog is the second PPC and SEO blog that we are featuring in this article for two reasons. Firstly, this blog is very similar in many ways to Search Engine Land as it continuously provides a wide range of articles and posts on SEO and PPC Management that are both practical and philosophical in nature.


The articles sometimes offer straightforward information about certain PPC or SEO features and tools, but they also sometimes focus on uncovering what the actual essence of PPC and SEO actually is at the same time. Some of the articles are written from really interesting and creative perspectives and this blog helps to keep the approach to PPC and SEO fresh and vibrant.


Any PPC Manager worth their weight in gold will know that creativity and ingenuity is just as important as following rules and basic routines when working in PPC. Therefore this blog is an excellent source of PPC and SEO inspiration for them.


In addition SEM Geek also generates a great deal of discussion. The nature and style of the posts, as they are written in such creative ways, means that many readers want to contribute and add comments to each posting. The large amount of comments attached to each post acts as a kind of PPC or SEO forum. For the most part the comments provided are equally as interesting to read as the posts are themselves.


Another excellent feature of SEM Geek is the fact that it regularly posts interviews with top SEO and PPC Management experts. The interviews are full of high quality advice and trade secrets that are invaluable to anyone with a website which is an essential part of their business.


PPC and SEO Blogs Concluded

If finding it difficult to keep up with all the SEO and PPC Management blogs that exist on the Internet today, maintaining a firm eye on the content posted on the above two blogs will be enough to ensure that your PPC skills or SEO knowledge are good enough to keep in the running with the best of the best.


However, if you have any further questions regarding the top three SEO and PPC Management blogs listed above, please do not hesitate in contacting Webrageous Studios directly in order to discuss those queries in depth with one of our professionals.