Did you know that LinkedIn offers its own version of PPC? The system is called LinkedIn PPC (a name that is helpfully easy to remember) and information about the advertisements and the various ways in which to begin utilizing the system can be found at LinkedIn Direct Ads.

The question is whether the LinkedIn PPC system is an online advertising system worth investing in, financially speaking more than anything of course. The answer is definitely unique to each and every business that is hoping to utilize the powers of online marketing and therefore only through a test period will you be able to decide for yourself whether the answer to this question is “yes” or “no”.

Having said that, Webrageous Studios wants to be helpful at this primary juncture by sharing a little of the information that it has uncovered concerning the subject of LinkedIn PPC through this blog post.

Some of what is covered is also mentioned in the video below which Webrageous Studios hopes is of practical use to anyone interested in the LinkedIn PPC service:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4ljQeKyRFE

The following is a list that takes a closer look at the most important elements of LinkedIn PPC. Webrageous Studios lists them here as it believes anyone looking to use the LinkedIn PPC system should know and understand the following elements above all else and especially before attempting to run a LinkedIn PPC campaign.

Expensive PPC Management

At the time of going to print the CPM through LinkedIn PPC was $3.00 and the minimum CPC bid was $2.00 which is a little high when you compare these costings with other PPC systems including Google AdWords and Social Facebook Advertisements. However, the minimum daily budget, at the time of going to print, was also only $10.00, therefore cheaper ways of using the system do exist.

PPC Advertising Discounts and Promotions

LinkedIn regularly runs discounts and promotions for internet users who manage PPC campaigns through their LinkedIn PPC system. This includes coupons for up to $250. Clearly, this kind of promotion promises the PPC Advertiser a large degree of financial security. The PPC Advertiser can try out the LinkedIn PPC system using promotions of this type without fearing a loss of money in the process.

Clearly, it is important to note that these promotions do not run all the time and Webrageous Studios wishes to make it very clear that it cannot be held accountable for changes to the promotions or lack of offered to PPC Advertisers by LinkedIn. This information is merely based on past evidence that by no means promises to remain constant forever.

Demographic Targeting

The ability to target a PPC audience with focus and clarity exists through the LinkedIn PPC system. PPC Account Managers can target by industry, profession, age and geography. Demographic targeting is essential for any PPC campaign. Therefore, knowing that this feature is possible through the LinkedIn PPC system is important.

LinkedIn PPC in Three Easy Steps

A PPC campaign can be set up in three quick and easy steps on the LinkedIn PPC network. The three simple steps are as follows:

Step 1: Create the advertisement and write the advertisement copy.

Step 2: Target your audience.

Step 3: Decide on a daily budget and billing style (CPC or CPM).

No Need for Keywords with LinkedIn PPC

The most important factor to note when thinking about utilizing the LinkedIn PPC system is that you do not have to create keywords in order to run these campaigns.


Because LinkedIn selects which advertisements to impress purely based on the profile information of the LinkedIn internet user who is logged on to the LinkedIn system at the time.

Your advertisements are matched by demographics and profile information to the various LinkedIn professionals that are members of the site. Therefore, keywords are simply irrelevant. These internet users are not going to be typing in search phrases. They are going to be looking at their accounts and managing their online profiles via the site. Whilst they are doing this, LinkedIn will be displaying various PPC advertisements that the internet user, based on their profile, may well be interested in.

It’s that simple!

Are You Using LinkedIn PPC?

On a final note, if there is anyone utilizing the advertising powers of LinkedIn PPC at present, Webrageous Studios would like to invite them to share their experiences of the system here on this blog or by contacting the company directly via its contact form.