Google Grants is a program which gives a $10,000 monthly grant to non-profit organizations so that they are able to run Google Adwords PPC Advertisements and therefore better promote their respective causes. The program is open to non-profit organizations ranging from those that work within the arts to those that work within areas of justice or education, for example. There are no limitations on this score in terms of who is able to apply for the program. Interestingly, Webrageous Studios is now managing the PPC Advertising Campaign of a non-profit organization involved in the program and it has managed to make a great deal of progress on the campaign during the past couple of weeks. It is hoped that Webrageous Studios can help to make this specific non-profit eligible for the $40,000 monthly Google Grant in the near future, however, more on this topic a little later in the article.

Google Grants: A Few Features Outlined

As an introduction, a little history into the origins of the Google Grants Program could be of interest, because when the program first began in 2003, Google made the decision to take on all responsibility in terms of building the PPC accounts for all the non-profits that were among the first to join the program. Google also continued to manage the PPC Campaigns of those accounts on a daily basis as well, which clearly required a lot of extra man-power on the part of Google.

However, recently things have changed. Non-profits that are accepted onto the Google Grants Program from now on are given the means and the support needed in order to manage their own advertising campaign. Google no longer provides the service. This means that the whole process has sped up significantly and has also given the non-profits more ownership over what they do with their campaigns too.

By following the simple list below, a non-profit´s application onto the program and the development of the organization’s PPC Campaign can now be constructed in less time. The process is as follows…..

1. Visit the Google Grants website and apply using the online application form.
2. The application is then reviewed.
3. If accepted, the non-profit then has the opportunity to create its own Adwords Account at its own pace. (This is a relatively new feature, designed to improve the efficiency of the program. More information can be found on the subject by visiting the official Google Grants Blog at Google Grants Blog which is a very useful resource and will keep all non-profits up-to-date).
4. The Google Adwords Account is then also reviewed.
5. If accepted, the non-profit is invited to read through the Ongoing Management Guide (OMG) to begin managing their account effectively.

One of the main support features for non-profits on the program is the Google Grants Program Blog, where a lot of the above information can be found in more detail. It is an excellent online resource for the non-profits involved in the program and for those non-profits who are looking to become involved in the program. There is a popular online blog community where all the non-profits involved in the program share their experiences, questions, concerns and more. It´s also the place where Google is able to keep everyone updated with the newest features available.

For example, in January 2010, the Google Grants Program announced that it was extending the advertising access available to those involved in the program to include advertising space on the Google Content Network. The program proposed a month-long extension in the Google Content Network as an experiment created in order to measure how effective Google PPC Advertisements for non-profits might be if run on the Google Content Network. In addition, the blog explains how the Google Grants Program was introduced fairly recently in Brussels (launched only 18 months ago) and one of the recent posts explains how over 20 local NGOs from Brussels have already signed up to take part in the program.

Moreover, a post from February 2010 on the Google Grants Program Blog includes information about Haiti and the continuous appeals for help that are still coming in strong from this isolated natural disaster zone. The Blog Post details how many of the non-profits that are part of the program are involved in sending aid to the Haiti appeal at present. This is proof of how the site is more than just a blog available for the clarification of technical issues regarding the Google Grants Program, but that it is also a blog which acts as a vessel for the various non-profits to spread word about the good work that they do for the many different causes they support throughout the world. This is another definite plus in favor of the Google Grants Program, giving all NGOs another reason to make an application in order to join the program.</p.

There is even a Google Grants YouTube Channel where highly useful and easy to follow step by step videos have been uploaded for the convenient use of all the non-profit organizations running a PPC Advertising Campaign as part of the program, either with or without the help and support of a PPC Management Company, like Webrageous Studios. Videos on the site include Google Adwords tutorials on Google Analytics, Advanced Optimization, Adwords Basics and a selection of specially devised videos for the successful marketing of non-profit organizations in particular through PPC Advertising too.

The Google Grants Program and Webrageous Studios

However, if you are new to the world of PPC Advertising and you represent a non-profit organization that feels it would benefit a great deal from the Google Grants Program to help better market its cause, but the thought of managing your own campaign is just too overwhelming, why not contact us at Webrageous Studios? At present we are managing the PPC Campaign of a certain non-profit organization already part of the program. It therefore already receives the monthly $10,000 grant to continue working towards the successful promotion of its cause and in this moment we are making huge strides towards the NGO’s successful application onto the $40,000 Google Grant section of program. This healthy grant increase would of course make a huge difference to the market reach of the NGO in question.

In addition, Webrageous Studios is proud to report that these highly significant positive advances have been made only within the last two weeks, proving that even when looking to be a part of a special program such as the Google Grants Program, Webrageous Studios will always find a way of helping you to achieve your particular PPC Advertising goal within as short a time frame as possible.

If you would like to speak to one of our Google Adwords Trained PPC Account Managers personally about the Google Grants Program, click on the Contact Tab in the top right hand corner of this website and we will be in touch shortly.