Webrageous Studios is a highly reputable PPC Management Company and it is also pleased to confirm that it is an accredited Adwords Qualified Company too. But what does this actually mean?

The answer is fairly simple.

Google Adwords, the program through which all PPC Advertising Campaigns are managed and run on the Google Network, is highly complicated. In fact, some PPC Account Managers and experts in the PPC Advertising Industry may even go as far as to say that it is one of the most complicated PPC Advertising Networks available on the market. What’s more is that this complexity continues to grow day by day. Google is an incredibly large organization, obvious even to those people who hardly even use the Internet, and it continues to grow in size and strength every day. There are thousands and thousands of Google experts working non-stop on new features, tools and programs to assist advertisers and account managers with the running of their PPC advertising campaigns. So much so, that it is very hard to keep up with their movements a lot of the time. This is especially true if you are not an Adwords Qualified Company.

If wanting to be an Adwords Qualified Company, rigorous and detailed training covering all aspects of Google Adwords must be gone through in order to earn the right to be a recognized and qualified expert in the field. A Google Adwords Qualified Company will be full of PPC Account Managers who have in-depth awareness on everything related to the world of Google Adwords from the very basic to the highly complex. For instance, a Google Adwords Qualified Company will employ a team of PPC Account Managers who know how long a video attachment on a PPC Google Advertisement is allowed to last… very basic. They will also be required to know which section of the online Google Adwords Account or Google Adwords Editor program to go to when wanting to analyze the conversion rate of a particular keyword… very basic again.

However, a Google Adwords Qualified Company, like Webrageous Studios, will also be full of PPC Account Managers who know how to skillfully use and implement the Google Remarketing Tool to further optimize the PPC campaigns of any given client… far more complex.

A Google Adwords Qualified Company will also be the kind of PPC Management Company that is able to begin taking on special clients. For example, Webrageous Studios is a Google Adwords Qualified Company and it is not only responsible for managing the PPC advertising campaigns for independent businessmen, but it is also part of the Google Grants Program and is presently successful at running the PPC advertising campaign of a non-profit organization. This kind of PPC advertising is clearly different to that of promoting a commercial business and the skills that Webrageous Studios’ PPC Account Managers have are invaluable. This particular non-profit organization is presently aiming to successfully apply for an increase in their Google Grant from US$10,000 to US$40,000. Webrageous Studios, as a highly experienced Adwords Qualified Company, has been instrumental in this project and is leading the campaign with expertise and know-how. However, this expertise only exists because Webrageous Studios is Google Adwords Qualified.

Therefore, why is it important to become a Google Adwords Qualified Company when wanting to successfully manage PPC advertising campaigns?……. It is important because without being Adwords Qualified, you cannot provide the support, advice and experience that your PPC Advertising Client deserves to a high enough standard. If a client is paying for PPC Management Services, then why should they employ someone who does not work for a Google Adwords Qualified Company? It simply doesn’t make very good business sense.

In conclusion, if you are managing PPC Advertising Campaigns and you are not AdWords Qualified, how do you expect to be able to compete with the likes of Webrageous Studios; a company which continues to develop its expertise in this area day by day? Secondly, if looking for a PPC Management Company to run your PPC advertising campaign for you, why would you employ a company that was not an AdWords Qualified Company? Why pay out for an amateur when you can have an expert? Webrageous Studios thinks the answers to these questions are fairly obvious.

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