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If instead of looking for a PPC account manager you are considering a new career, or managing PPC yourself, then read the following words of warning before making such a decision to make sure that a career in PPC Management is actually the career that you truly have been looking for all these years.

Going Solo

As much as you may enjoy your own company and be highly self-motivated, working from home or “Going Solo” can be incredibly hard-going at times, even for the most solitary of souls.

It is something to bear seriously in mind if considering a career in PPC Management because it is an element of the job that is unlikely to change. There are few companies who really need to have offices because so much of the work that needs to be done does not require very much staff interaction.

In addition, one of the positive selling points for the job is that PPC Account Managers can work from home. Therefore, changing this factor would result in losing a highly attractive benefit of the job that most PPC Management Employers are unlikely to want to change for obvious reasons.

Can you “Go Solo” every day? Ask yourself this question very seriously before considering the move forward with this career choice.

Going Mad

Working day in, day out, at home and on your own, staring at a computer for hours on end is also very tough at times. In fact, working from home with PPC campaign data coming out of your ears and the images of acronyms like CTR and CPC flying out at you in your dreams is one sure way of “sending yourself slightly mad.”

It is all too easy as a PPC Account Manager to be so gripped by and entranced by what you are doing with your various PPC campaigns that you eat, drink and dream PPC Management to the point of slight insanity. There’s always something to do, some figure or example of data to check, some article to read about concerning some new Google feature that is now in the BETA testing stage. There is always someone that you have to call or respond to by email and there are always changes to every campaign’s position.

Keyword cost, popularity and effectiveness go up and down every day. The work is never ending. A PPC campaign is a project that will not find the finish line, because there is no finish line to cross. The minute that a finish line is crossed is the moment when a PPC client has decided to terminate that campaign. Therefore, you can never really tick anything off from your life. Nothing is ever done. For this reason, it can be very hard to switch off from work.

This kind of workload style has a tendency to generate a little bit of madness in the PPC Account Manager (nothing like true madness, an illness or a real certifiable problem of course… please do not misinterpret here or think that PPC Management is dangerous for your health). However, do understand that the level and style of the job can make you feel a little crazy at times and the need to flee and never see a computer screen ever again is a regular sensation that you will have to get used to if beginning a career in PPC Management.

Being fully entranced and gripped by the Internet and leading a cyber life is not good for your sanity, but is a natural result if employed as a PPC Account Manager.

Going Nowhere

This final note is a word of warning. It is all too easy as a PPC Account Manager to “Go Nowhere;” meaning that it is very easy not to leave the house at all. A common day in the life of a PPC Account Manager in a really job-focused state of being would be the following:

  1. Wake up and boot up the laptop immediately as it is already lying next to your bed from the night before.
  2. Make a coffee whilst the laptop is booting up; your regular wake-up remedy.
  3. Drink the coffee and check emails.
  4. Check all PPC campaign progress for updates and changes that may need urgent attention.
  5. Begin work.
  6. At 2pm, look at the clock with horror and realize that you haven’t even taken a shower yet, let alone eaten anything that didn’t come pre-packaged and have tons of E-numbers inside.
  7. Continue working, with the promise that you’ll do some exercise in an hour after you have finished this really important final task on a particular campaign.
  8. Look at the clock and see that it is now 6pm and you still have not showered, you certainly did not do any exercise and you cannot face the idea of cooking anything or even thinking about what you might need in order to cook something, so you order a pizza… online! (the laptop is still on, obviously!)

Perhaps this is highlighting the most extreme of PPC Account Manager cases, but the point is clearly made. Be careful about the way in which this job can suck out everything else from your life unless you have a really strong routine that you stick to without fail.

Having said all of that, there are REALLY POSITIVE REASONS for beginning a career as a PPC Account Manager and in many ways these POSITIVE reasons far out way the reasons for deciding not to follow a career path in this field.

Therefore, click to read why working as a PPC Account Manager is in fact a really positive step to make in terms of forging a new career.