Webrageous Studios’ Medical Device Recall Marketing Strategies

The medical device recall marketing for any US law firm through a PPC medium such as Google AdWords, for example, is a specialist kind of marketing strategy that needs to have experienced and well qualified PPC Managers at the helm.

That is why Webrageous Studios is one of the leading PPC Management Companies in medical device recalls. Webrageous has already had lots of experience in running the PPC Campaigns for law firms who specialize in recalls and this puts Webrageous Studios at the top of the leader board with reference to online marketing in this area.

In addition, Webrageous Studios runs medical device recall marketing PPC Campaigns through the Google AdWords network, which means that all Webrageous clients receive the best there is in terms of online marketing for their firm.


Because Google AdWords is one of the best providers of PPC Advertising in action today. Indeed, recent reports undertaken by ComScore reveal that Google has inched even further ahead in search engine market share over the past few months. ComScore gives Google a 66.3% of the market share in core search. It says that in October alone, 11 billion core searches can be sourced to Google and that this figure is a 4% increase on the figures from September.

Therefore, considering the expertise, qualifications and experience that Webrageous Studios can offer, coupled with the fact that Webrageous runs PPC Campaigns via the very popular Google AdWords network, all US law firms specializing in medical device recall cases should seriously think about choosing to have their online marketing campaign managed by this strong PPC Management duo.

As a means of proving even further reasons as to why it is Webrageous Studios has such success in terms of medical device recall marketing via PPC, the company would like to share some of its strategies below. This will provide interested medical device recall US law firms the opportunity to fully appreciate the marketing management success that Webrageous Studios can promise.

As a general rule, when managing campaigns for US law firms, Webrageous Studios knows to focus on the following areas and techniques with a promise of marketing success appearing at the end of the PPC tunnel.

Google Analytics
Webrageous Studios believes in the constant use of Google Analytics when working on medical device recall marketing campaigns. Without the use of Google Analytics, it is impossible to see what needs to be changed, adapted or reinforced within a PPC Campaign and therefore effective optimization cannot be achieved.

If your medical device recall marketing is being managed by a Google AdWords PPC Management Company which does not make use of Google Analytics in a positive manner, your online marketing results are never going to be a success. Webrageous Studios believes in the constant use of the Google Analytics tool.

PPC Campaign Testing
If you are running a recall campaign, you have to be ready to perform constant PPC Campaign Testing. Constantly!

Some good ideas that can be put into action, in the experience of Webrageous Studios, are the use of a secret conversion laboratory for campaign testing purposes and the use of different AdWords PPC Tools (see below for more details).

The key thing to remember here is that Campaign Testing allows for development and repair. All medical device recall marketing needs this kind of treatment and approach if results are going to be as successful as everyone would like them to be.

PPC Branding Campaigns
Branding Campaigns are an excellent option for many US law firms. This is because competition is high. There are a fair number of US law firms which specialize in device recall and therefore each law firm needs to learn how to manipulate its marketing so that it sets itself apart from other kinds of US law firms that are working in the same field.

An internet user needs to have a reason as to why they should choose your US law firm for their recall case instead of choosing to work with your competitor. Webrageous Studios knows just how to give them the reasons they need through Branding Campaigns.

This is why Webrageous Studios is a leading PPC Management Company in the area of medical device recall marketing.

Google AdWords PPC Tools
Finally, Webrageous Studios believes it to be imperative that any PPC Management Company taking responsibility for the medical device recall marketing of any US law firm also ensures that they remain up-to-date with all the latest PPC Tools and AdWords developments at Google.

In this way, they can take advantage of the developments and use the PPC Tools created by Google almost every month in order to improve the accuracy of their medical device recall marketing campaigns and improve the law firms ROI figures.

As a brief introduction to the way in which Webrageous Studios successfully manages the medical device recall marketing of US law firms, we hope that this article has given you the insight and information that you were looking for and enough positive reasons to now contact Webrageous directly and discuss the possibility of running your medical device recall marketing campaigns under the wing of this incredibly successful PPC Management Company.