Google Analytics Questions Answered

Google Analytics is a great AdWords tool and many PPC Advertisers are still not taking advantage of what this tool has to offer because they ponder over a number of small doubts that are very, very common and very, very unnecessary.

These common doubts are addressed below so that those nagging little questions in the backs of your minds preventing you from reaping the benefits of Google Analytics can be put to rest once and for all. Google Analytics is a positive element of Google AdWords.

Enjoy learning to love Google Analytics more than any other PPC Analysis tool available by reading the following information…

Google Analytics Costs
“Is Google Analytics Free?” is a very common concern. The simple answer to this query is yes. You do not have to pay anything for the tool, at any time, and you can use all of the features of the tool for as long as you wish to.

The more complex answer to the question is that, whilst you do not have to pay anything to use the tool itself, Google Analytics is not going to be completely free for you to run because you are going to need people who will be able to manage it.

Google Analytics is not the easiest of AdWords tools. Therefore, you may need to employ an analytics team or a PPC Manager to run your analytics. You may also need to employ IT technicians who will maintain the tool as well. It all depends on the size of your PPC Campaign and the skills and expertise of the people that you employ.

Having said all that, Google Analytics IS free and therefore from this perspective there should be a little bit of money freed up to pay for the management of this tool.

Lots of PPC Advertisers make the mistake of not investing in the masterminds behind the Google Analytics tool and in this way they waste a lot of advertising money because their PPC Campaigns are not analyzed effectively.

Google Analytics Features and Limitations
“Are there limitations with the Google Analytics tool because it doesn’t cost anything?” is another popular question. The suspicious nature of the human mind means that when something is free we immediately believe there has to be a catch of some sort, or that the product is going to be a dud in some way.

There are some things that Google Analytics cannot do, but it is by no means a weak tool because of this fact. When you look at the list of things that Google Analytics does allow you to do below, it is hard to fault the tool at all.

Google Analytics allows the following:

Campaign tracking
Conversion tracking
E-commerce tracking
Event Tracking
Custom variables
Mobile site tracking
App Tracking (Android and iPhone)
Automated data monitoring and alerts
Automated analysis via Intelligence
Advanced analysis using Motion Charts
A formal data export API
Custom reporting
On-the-fly segmentation
Integrated AdWords reporting with pre-click / cost data
Automated report distribution

Google Analytics Support

“I’ve heard that Google AdWords does not offer any support regarding the management and maintenance of Google Analytics” is what lots of worried PPC Advertisers with little knowledge about the tool tend to say.

This is simply not true.

Webrageous Studios receives constant support from Google AdWords on all matters relating to PPC Management, not just Google Analytics, from its very own Google AdWords Representative, for example.

Therefore, in response to this concern… if you are working alongside a PPC Management Provider such as Webrageous Studios, Google Analytics Support is always available and available to a very high standard.

Google Analytics Reliability
“Google Analytics and Google Analytics Support Networks break down a lot though, don’t they?” is another example of a totally misinformed worry regarding Google Analytics.

Google Analytics has been in operation for about five years and during those five years, the UI has only ever gone down for maintenance purposes. These breaks in service have always been previously announced and have only ever lasted for an hour tops.

Therefore, Google Analytics is exceptionally reliable.

Data Ownership in Google Analytics
“What will Google do with my data from Google Analytics?” is another big query that comes up time and time again and prevents some people from using the tool.

Rest assured that privacy is a huge matter of importance for Google on many, many levels. Google will never use your data without your permission. There is a setting on the Google Analytics administration interface that explains how to give Google permission to use your data in a more detailed way if you so choose to and Google may collate your data alongside that of others in order to create aggregates for things like benchmarking industry trends, but that is all.

There is no need to worry about privacy.

Google Analytics and Third Party Cookies

“I’ve heard that Google Analytics uses third party cookies,” is perhaps the most absurd of the common statements made by inexperienced and under-trained PPC Advertisers.

The fact of the matter is that Google Analytics uses first party cookies. It never uses anything else. Full stop.

And that brings us to the end of the round-up on Google Analytics. Webrageous Studios hopes that all of those common questions about the tool have been answered and reminds you that if you do happen to have further queries or interests in the subject that you can contact Webrageous Studios directly at any time for further advice and information.