Why Choose our Google AdWords Grant Management Team?

What can the Google AdWords Grant Management Team at Webrageous provide that other PPC Management Companies or independent PPC Managers cannot? Why should your non-profit organization choose to entrust its Google AdWords Grant application with the Webrageous PPC Team?

This short article is dedicated to explaining the advantages of working with Webrageous.

If you are interested in what you read in this article, please do contact one of our Google AdWords Qualified PPC Managers immediately by clicking on the contact tab in the right hand corner of this page.

1. We have been successful in the application of Google AdWords Grants in the past
If you are looking for a PPC Management Company to manage your grant, it is best to work with a company that already has experience in going through the process.

Webrageous has experience and we have been successful in our efforts too. Our non-profit clients have successfully received the Grant and have been able to use that extra budget to really help push their causes via online advertising thanks to our dedicated and specialist help.

Avoid choosing PPC Management Companies without experience, even if the price that they quote you is low, because the most important thing is that your application is accepted and your non-profit organization is accepted onto the Grants Program.

2. We have years of experience in Google AdWords Management
On top of the experience that we have in the application process for Google Grants, the PPC Managers at Webrageous are also able to draw on years of experience in working on Google AdWords Campaigns in general.

We know the PPC Management Programs at Google like the backs of our hands. We are fully aware of all the important tools to use when managing a Google AdWords Campaign, we know everything there is to know about all the channels of Google AdWords Help and Advice available to online advertisers and we know how to use Google AdWords Tools to optimize our clients’ campaigns with skill.

Choosing to work with the PPC Managers at Webrageous  means that you are not only working with a company which knows how to be successful in the application process, but you are also working with a company which can effectively manage your advertising campaigns and Google Grants budget after the initial success too.

3. We believe in one-to-one personalized PPC Management
Webrageous is not a small company, but we are not a huge multi-national beast either. This is because we choose to work on a one-to-one personalized level with each and every PPC client that passes through our “doors.” We believe in high quality service and immediate response to individual client needs.

This is one of the reasons why our clients stay with us for years. They trust us and feel directly supported because of the way in which we personally take care of their needs.

This includes our non-profit organization clients too. If you prefer to feel like your custom is important and if you prefer to avoid feeling like another cow in the herd, choose Webrageous. We keep our clientele small and our service personalized for this exact reason. We believe that the personal and special touch is what is needed for true online marketing success.

4. We are Google AdWords Qualified
Not all PPC Managers are qualified. Make sure you do your homework. All the PPC Managers at Webrageous are Google AdWords Qualified. We study for the Google AdWords Certifications and we renew those certifications regularly too.

There are lots of PPC Managers out there who do not bother to remain qualified and they do not renew their qualifications, which we believe reveals a lack of concern for the importance of maintaining up-to-date with the new and the effective at Google.

If your non-profit organization is looking for success, you want to choose to work with PPC Managers who are Google AdWords Qualified.

5. We have access to our own personal Google AdWords Representative to help prepare the application
Our relationship with Google is excellent. We work hard and Google rewards us and our clients by a personalized service of its own.

We have direct access to a personal Google AdWords Representative so that we can ask all the questions that we need to or bring up any requests brought to us by our clients too. Not all PPC Managers have their own personal representative and we know that our management of Grants Campaigns is taken to the next level because of this specific relationship.

For more information on the service in Grants Management that we provide at Webrageous, do not hesitate in contacting us directly at any time. The contact tab in the top right hand corner of this page has all the information that you need.

We hope to be helping you with your Campaigns in the coming weeks.