Writing Great Ad Text for Paid Search for Family Law Firms

The writing of advertisement text for Google AdWords Pay Per Click is a true skill that cannot be perfected overnight without experience, training and patience. Indeed, not every pay per click manager is as good at the task as another. Many family law firms in the United States are losing out on business just because of a lack of concentration on pay per click advertising text.

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Webrageous Studios recognizes the writing of pay per click advertisement text as being one of the most important services that a pay per click manager can offer his/her pay per click client. For this reason, we have compiled a quick, but detailed article which highlights the five main problem areas that are a cause for concern even though they are basic in concept.

Allow us to lead you through each problem area in advertisement text in turn and you may well find that your Family Law Marketing Campaign via pay per click improves within a few weeks.

Poor Broad Match Search Use in Advertisement Optimization

Imagine that your family law firm is using the advertisement printed below:

Family Law Attorney for Women
Never give up on your family
We fight to keep children with their mothers


Then imagine that the search term entered by an internet user was: criminal law attorney.

A problem with this advertisement text could occur if the broad match search term that the internet user entered to trigger your advertisement was: law attorney.

60 day free trial of AdWords PPC management
Search terms that family law firms bid on need to be very well matched with the corresponding advertisements, whether they are broad match or phrase match keywords. Knowing how to match keywords with advertisement text is a skill that you need your pay per click manager to have and utilize at all times when working on your campaign.

If you have your doubts about the competency of your present pay per click manager and his/her ability to match advertisement text successfully with keyword choice, contact Webrageous Studios immediately and speak with one of our trained professionals without delay.

Spealling Errors in Advertisement Text

Family Law Attorney for Women
Never give up on you’re family
We fight to keep children with they’re mothers
….(Get it?)

What you see above in this example advertisement is a pay per click management sin. If your family law marketing advertisements are full of spelling errors, your online reputation is immediately placed in jeopardy.

If your pay per click manager cannot deliver spelling error free advertisement text, it might be time to consider changing your pay per click management provider.

Advertisement Text that Doesn’t Make Sense

Female Family Law Attorneys
Would you give up on your children?
Be an inspiration to others. Females together.


Is the above advertisement text part of an advertisement made by a family law firm completely run and managed by women or a family law firm run and managed by men and women who are deliberately targeting potential female clients? It is important that advertisement text be crystal clear and with a small number of characters allowed, this is difficult. Make sure you pay per click manager is up to the challenge.

Poor Format: Headlines Running into Text Bodies

Specialist Family Law
Attorney Services for Women who never
give up fighting for the custody of their children


If your family law firm wants to approve the success of its advertisement text, one of the most basic areas where improvements can be made is in the format. Headlines must be headlines and the body of the advertisement text must be just that. If you begin merging the headlines with the main body of the advertisement text, you are presenting a sloppy, unprofessional look to your potential clients.

Ensure that your pay per click manager is considering the format of your advertisement text and that high standards are maintained concerning the visual aspect of your online marketing just as much as the content. Both elements are essential to success.

Passive Voice Advertisement Text

Family Law Attorneys for Women Available
Custody battles can be won
Keeping children is possible through sound support


60 day free trial of AdWords PPC managementAdvertisement Text is always more successful in the active voice. It’s just a rule of thumb that’s hard to dispute. If your family law firm advertisements look like the one above, you need to make some changes immediately. The example advertisement text in the passive voice above would be so much better if written to be something like the advertisement featured below:

Family Law Attorneys for Woman
We fight to get you child custody
We work tirelessly to keep your family by your side


If you would prefer to have professional help managing your Google AdWords account so you don’t have to write text ads yourself, please fill out our contact form below or give us a call at the phone number at the top of this page. And don’t forget to check out our article on keyword ideas for family law firms.