As of Friday 29th October 2010, Yahoo made a very important transition for all PPC Managers and PPC Advertisers who use the Yahoo PPC Service.

Yahoo! stopped serving advertisements form their own interface on Friday 29th and moved everything over to Bing, a change that had been in the pipeline for a long time and that has now finally been put to rest.

Bing has, since creation, been Microsoft’s answer to Google in terms of look and style. Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to provide a very clean looking interface for user search and the popularity of Bing has steadily increased over time since its launch.

Naturally this transition from Yahoo! to Bing has taken a lot of time for Microsoft to implement and there have been a number of concerns and issues along the way. However, the process has finally come to an end and all PPC Advertisements are now served via Bing in a bid to continue developing the positive effects that Bing has generated for Microsoft already.

Yahoo! has been reported to say:

“Today is a momentous day for us, as Yahoo! has completed the process of moving search ad serving for Yahoo! to the Microsoft Advertising AdCenter platform in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, this marks the completion of the transition of advertisers’ Yahoo! Search Marketing accounts to the Microsoft AdCenter.”

Therefore in order to manage the PPC Advertisements displayed on Yahoo! US or Canada, the PPC Manager will need to work with the accounts via the Microsoft AdCenter at all times.

What implications might this have on PPC Advertising through Yahoo!? Will this transition prove to be fruitful? Are there any things that the PPC Manager should bear in mind during this transition? Are there popular concerns surrounding the transition that would be good to know about?

There will be many questions unanswered in the minds of many PPC Managers and therefore Webrageous Studios has compiled a short article that covers as many of these issues as possible. If you have more questions about the Yahoo! / Bing exchange, read the Webrageous article and you might find that those questions are easily answered.