Effective Pay Per Click branding campaigns should be supported by what marketers refer to as “link-building”. This is the dynamic process of driving traffic to your website via links from other website sources.

You can create links in many ways. Popular methods include: contributing content to other websites operating in your industry, posting information on online forums and message boards and writing replies in the comment sections of blogs.

The higher the quality, quantity and relevance of links leading to your website, the higher your website’s PageRank or appearance in Google search results. A high PageRank will positively affect your Quality Score and since the success of your PPC branding campaign is in part tied to Quality Score, link-building is just as essential for the PPC manager as it is for the SEO specialist.

PPC campaign benefits of having a high Quality Score include;

  • Lower Cost per Click (CPC)
  • Higher advertising positions
  • Easier appearance on the first page of search results
  • Easier appearance towards the top of the page.

Two link-building strategies for your PPC branding campaigns are;

1. Share Press Releases

The press release is often the brunt of many marketing jokes. However, if truth be told, it is highly valuable when it comes to sharing information about your business to a large audience. Share these releases with prominent bloggers, broadcast journalists and other influential people in your industry. If your content is engaging enough, they may feel inspired to share it with their audience while linking your website.

2. Utilize the Power of Social Media

In the last few years websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have demonstrated record breaking capacities for sharing product information. Though Google treats socially shared content somewhat differently, many of these links do contribute to your PageRank and Quality Score. Tweet and Share your website information across as many Social Media platforms as you can to optimize the power of social channels.

Start ‘link-building’ today!

Good PPC advertising experts know that branding means very little without the right kind of engagement. Link-building provides the networking boost businesses need to strengthen their branding campaigns on the Google Display and Search networks.

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