3 PPC Marketing Improvements for Your Website that Google Loves

If there’s one common catch phrase you’ll hear from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers everywhere, it’s ‘Optimize your Website’. After all, everybody is after the same thing — higher page rank and quality scores. Therefore, creating the kind of website that Google algorithms would love has become one of the most important aspects of PPC. With this said, people are always on the lookout for PPC marketing improvements that could turn their websites around so that they can eventually get lower costs per click and start working towards better rankings on search engine results pages.
So do you do all these? What PPC marketing improvements could you apply to help you start meeting your goals? Improving your website to make your PPC campaign work better would mean getting rid of bad links that may possibly be on your pages. This also means updating your website regularly, something you can do by adding fresh content or revamping the old ones. Of course, optimization is always going to be part of the process, and this covers almost everything in your website, from the text on your landing page to the tags that you use.
ppc marketing improvementsA more thorough explanation on these PPC marketing improvements can be accessed through this link . These steps would help get you into Google’s good graces and allow you to boost your PPC campaign’s performance.

PPC Advertisers need Effective Websites

A PPC Manager can only do so much for your online marketing success and can only help to develop your business so far. At some point it is vital that all of the hard work that is being put into your PPC Campaign is supported by a thorough analysis of your business’ website and the level of success achieved by your website.

It is vital that anyone operating a PPC Advertising Campaign and a business which aims to generate interest or aims to sell products and services via the Internet is supported by a website design that works well for that particular business; that successfully attracts the target audience for that business.

Website design and optimization are not really the realms of the PPC Manager. Naturally, your PPC Manager may have a few ideas to contribute; they may have a lot to say about the ways in which certain aspects of the business’ website are affecting potential conversion rates, for example. However, a PPC Manager is just that: a PPC Manager. He or she is not a website designer. (more…)

What is Information Architecture?

Information Architecture (IA) is something that any successful SEO should know about. Many people falsely believe that IA is all about navigation or that it actually is navigation. This is simply not true.

Navigation is about offering directions to the internet user to get from one place to another on a website. IA is a little more refined than this. IA is about offering directions in a particular way that is dependent upon who or what is asking for the directions.

IA, in essence, is all about the SEO understanding who the audience of a given website is, what they want and how these internet users in particular would go about searching for the information they desire.

In a quick snap-shot, IA covers the following main areas: (more…)