How to Make a Success of your Google AdWords Grant

Last year when Google decided to scale back its grants program to NGOs, Webrageous knew that it was time for its Google AdWords pay per click experts to get involved and provide further help and support for these organizations. Google’s shift in direction meant that NGOs would still continue to receive the monthly $10,000 grant, but would need to take on full responsibility for the Google AdWords Management of their campaigns.

This presented a particular problem for the NGOs already on the Google Grants program, because very few of those NGOs knew very little about how to successfully manage their Google AdWords Grant and their Google AdWords Campaigns. Even fewer had the time and extra man-power to devote to the management of their online advertising.

As a direct response to this particular issue, the experts in pay per click management at Webrageous began to offer their specialist services. As a result, we are now very happy to lay claim to a wide range of successes in the management of NGO Google AdWords Campaigns, the management of the Google AdWords Grants that accompany those campaigns and the successful application that all NGOs hoping to profit from the program must go through.

In short, Webrageous is an expert in: (more…)