Why Seek a Google AdWords Qualified Manager?

If you break your arm you probably wouldn’t go to an unqualified doctor, would you? If someone smashed into your car you wouldn’t go to an unqualified lawyer. So why do advertisers continue to seek Google AdWords help from unqualified people?
Google AdWords QualifiedWhen you first look at Google AdWords and pay per click it might look simple enough for you to take care of yourself or get someone in the office to look after. But achieving success in Google AdWords goes much deeper than choosing a few keywords, writing up some advertisement text, and slapping a couple of campaigns together. In fact, you can almost be guaranteed not to achieve success with this type of attitude.
Just like any other industry, Google AdWords success requires a Google AdWords management expert who is qualified in Google AdWords. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire someone who is Google AdWords qualified to manage your accounts. (more…)