What are QR codes and how can they support my PPC Campaign?

QR codesHave you heard of the relatively new, cool and funky QR Codes? If not, read this short post now to find out what they are. You will be fascinated.

A QR Code is basically an ingenious way of merging print-based advertising with internet advertising at the click of a mobile phone button. QR Codes, although varied to some degree, look basically the same and an example is pasted here to the left.

They can be found in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or in any form of print advertising. They are two-dimensional bar codes (like those placed on any supermarket food item) that have earned the nickname, “paper-based hyperlinks,” because if you snap a photo of one of these QR Codes with your mobile phone you will then be directed to a website page, or an RSS feed, or a video advertisement or something else groovy. There are lots of cool things to do with QR codes. (more…)