Have you heard of the relatively new, cool and funky QR Codes? If not, read this short post now to find out what they are. You will be fascinated.

A QR Code is basically an ingenious way of merging print-based advertising with internet advertising at the click of a mobile phone button. QR Codes, although varied to some degree, look basically the same and an example is pasted here to the left.

They can be found in newspapers, magazines, on billboards, or in any form of print advertising. They are two-dimensional bar codes (like those placed on any supermarket food item) that have earned the nickname, “paper-based hyperlinks,” because if you snap a photo of one of these QR Codes with your mobile phone you will then be directed to a website page, or an RSS feed, or a video advertisement or something else groovy. There are lots of cool things to do with QR codes.

Advertisers have already begun placing QR Codes on their print advertisements and in this way they are already managing to get people to interact with their printed advertising on an interactive level. The Internet and the print world are finding ways of working together at last! Very exciting!

The possibilities for a PPC Advertiser when combining QR Codes with their PPC Campaigns abound, particularly considering the fact that you can track the traffic that comes to your site from the QR Code, just like you would track the other elements of your PPC Campaign. The possibilities are endless and fun. QR Codes could perhaps give life back to what was a dying industry for many in the print world.

But what do you think?

Are QR Codes cool or not? Do you think they will become a real hit as we move into 2011? Are you inspired to begin creating your own QR Codes for your company, which is FREE and easy to do, didn’t you know?!

Let us know your thoughts.


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