PPC Managers Dream of Being Action Movie Stars

If your PPC Manager had the opportunity to really show off his or her talents, you would find that he or she would be just as daring, exciting and impressive as the likes of Bruce Willis when playing the unstoppable John McClane or Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.
4485116793_e31bd586b2_oYour PPC Manager is dying for you to let go of the marketing reigns a little and let them show you and the world exactly what they are capable of. There’s a super action hero inside every single PPC Manager in operation and if they had the chance they’d be doing some of the wildest PPC tricks imaginable.
The terrible fact of the matter is, however, that if the online marketer lets go of his or her PPC reigns too far, and they allow the PPC Manager to be creative, wild and action-hero-like, they run the risk of allowing disastrous online marketing mistakes the freedom to occur.
Most online marketers are not really what you would call “gamblers”. For this reason PPC Management is usually a very steady development of fine tuning, small changes and attention to detail. Online marketers like PPC Managers need to be careful, strategic and the kind of people who make one change at a time under controlled testing conditions. (more…)