If your PPC Manager had the opportunity to really show off his or her talents, you would find that he or she would be just as daring, exciting and impressive as the likes of Bruce Willis when playing the unstoppable John McClane or Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft.
Your PPC Manager is dying for you to let go of the marketing reigns a little and let them show you and the world exactly what they are capable of. There’s a super action hero inside every single PPC Manager in operation and if they had the chance they’d be doing some of the wildest PPC tricks imaginable.
The terrible fact of the matter is, however, that if the online marketer lets go of his or her PPC reigns too far, and they allow the PPC Manager to be creative, wild and action-hero-like, they run the risk of allowing disastrous online marketing mistakes the freedom to occur.
Most online marketers are not really what you would call “gamblers”. For this reason PPC Management is usually a very steady development of fine tuning, small changes and attention to detail. Online marketers like PPC Managers need to be careful, strategic and the kind of people who make one change at a time under controlled testing conditions.
But in a more interesting world, with online advertisers who are willing to take the risks needed for really large gains, what would the PPC Manager love to do?
What are the PPC Managers who dream of being the action movie hero itching to try out? What impossible stunts do they want to see if they can pull off?
More importantly, why should the online advertiser be prepared to give a few of these mad cap action hero ideas that their PPC Managers suggest a try?

Why let your PPC Manager take the PPC risks

Sometimes it really does pay off when you are willing to take a risk. It can be a scary thought for any online marketer to hurl lots of money into a PPC hunch, but if you have taken the trouble of hiring a PPC Manager it must be because in some way you trust that they are professionals at what they do and that they know how their industry works.
The average Joe cannot dive out of flaming helicopters and survive, but Bruce Willis as John McClane can. It is what he knows best. If your PPC Manager clearly knows what they’re doing and this has been proven over time, let the reigns loose a little every now and then on a hunch that they have a see what happens. If you keep your PPC Manager caged up, the true grandeur of your online marketing campaign is never going to shine.

What are the mad cap PPC risks that PPC Managers dream of being able to take?

After a little research, gathering direct feedback from PPC Managers who dream of the day when they can just “see what happens” and “play out a hunch,” the following list is the preferred wish list of the average PPC Manager, trapped in today’s world of frightened online marketers.

1. The Budget Tripling PPC Action Hero

The wild at heart PPC Manager would love the opportunity to be able to triple a client’s budget to see what might happen. Online marketers are just not willing to take that kind of financial risk, but there are plenty of PPC Managers out there, the PPC Action Heroes, who know that tripling a budget suddenly can sometimes be a really smart move and really pay off.
If you trust your PPC Manager, if you know that there is a PPC Action Hero inside yearning to get out, trust them and let them send that budget soaring!

2. The PPC Hero Hires a Top Design Firm

The PPC Action Hero inside all PPC Managers is also yearning to be able to invest $10,000 or more in the redesigning of his or her client’s website so that it is twice as good as any of their competitors.
Most online marketers don’t want to invest this kind of money in website design, but the PPC Action Hero Manager knows that with a large investment comes really amazing results that are only ever accessible to those who take unspeakable risks.
This kind of investment in your website design could have an amazing impact on your conversion rate and work beautifully for your online marketing campaign is conversion increase is what you want your PPC Manager to really strive for.
Let us be the heroes that we want to be! Release the action movie star with your PPC Manager today.

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