Who Uses Paid Advertising via Google?

It’s the end of the day, you’ve spent a long day at work, you log on to the Internet, type in a search term for something you’ve been meaning to find out about and, as if by magic, a list of clickable listings appears. This list includes both free, organic listings which Google automatically generates by matching your search term with the keywords found on particular websites and it includes Google Paid Advertising listings.

Google Paid Advertising for Small Businesses
Suddenly, you become a little more interested than usual. Your senses are unusually heightened and you begin to wonder… who actually buys paid advertising through Google? As a small-time retailer with your own business you have never even considered advertising via Google. It has always seemed out of your league.

Independent business owners don’t have the capital or the reason to advertise using Google Paid Advertising, do they? (more…)