Google Paid Advertising Management from a Google AdWords Certified Company

Google Paid Advertising Management is hard work. It is a full time job. “Successful” Google Paid Advertising Management is even more hard work and it takes a team of specialized, well-trained individuals, like those who work for Webrageous Studios, to meet the demands of such a difficult task on a regular and consistent basis. Webrageous Studios, unlike some PPC Management Companies, only employs PPC Account Managers who are Google AdWords Certified. Therefore, the possibility of achieving success in the Google Paid Advertising Management of any given campaign that it manages is almost guaranteed every single time. (more…)

Successful Google Paid Advertising Management

Anyone can run a Google AdWords PPC Advertising Account. The opening of an account is a very simple procedure and the creation of individual advertisements for a PPC advertising campaign really does not take very long. Nor is the process in its most basic form very complex either. However, to be successful in Google Paid Advertising Management is an entirely different thing.
In principal, it appears at first glance that the only thing necessary for a PPC advertiser to do, when wanting to advertise online through Google AdWords, is to write some advertisement text, pick some keywords, set a daily budget amount or bid for the cost per conversion that suits the advertising budget at hand and press the “go” button. This is most certainly true, in principal. (more…)