How is Your Online Reputation?

For any lawyer or law firm, reputation is everything. One slanderous comment made against you or your firm can be devastating and result in a dramatic loss of business. In order to prevent negative commentary from becoming prevalent in search engines and on social networking sites, you need to employ proper online reputation management techniques.

As a lawyer, you are your own brand. You are trying to sell yourself and your services, and you want to be able to convey that in the most positive light possible. In order to make sure you do so properly, you need to incorporate all of the following in your basic marketing and reputation management:

Client Reviews

Posting positive client reviews on social networking sites, forums, and your personal website are great ways to entice new clients. By reading the reviews of other clients, prospective clients create a picture of the type of attorney you are, and are more likely to immediately trust and respect you. (more…)