New Year’s Resolutions in PPC Advertising

If you want to make this year the best year ever in PPC advertising, you need to follow through with the New Year’s resolutions in PPC advertising outlined below in this post.
PPC advertising is all about looking forward, making changes and improving on what you already have achieved, therefore it has a lot to do with New Year’s resolutions. This makes the start of the new year the perfect time to assess where you are and make those all important changes to your PPC advertising campaigns to ensure that success ensues as we drive on into the spring.

PPC Advertising New Year’s Resolution 1: Improve Conversion Rate

Webrageous has four top ways of improving your conversion rate this year and being able to tick off your first PPC advertising new year’s resolution from your list.
Conversion Tip Number One
The first tip is to remove ONE unnecessary web page element from your site as soon as possible. In fact, our PPC advertising experts suggest that you remove a form that really serves little purpose. (more…)