If you want to make this year the best year ever in PPC advertising, you need to follow through with the New Year’s resolutions in PPC advertising outlined below in this post.
PPC advertising is all about looking forward, making changes and improving on what you already have achieved, therefore it has a lot to do with New Year’s resolutions. This makes the start of the new year the perfect time to assess where you are and make those all important changes to your PPC advertising campaigns to ensure that success ensues as we drive on into the spring.

PPC Advertising New Year’s Resolution 1: Improve Conversion Rate

Webrageous has four top ways of improving your conversion rate this year and being able to tick off your first PPC advertising new year’s resolution from your list.
Conversion Tip Number One
The first tip is to remove ONE unnecessary web page element from your site as soon as possible. In fact, our PPC advertising experts suggest that you remove a form that really serves little purpose.
People hate filling in forms in general and if you can find a way of organizing your conversion so that it doesn’t include a form (or the form has fewer elements that the person has to fill in at least), do so!
Conversion Tip Number Two
The second tip is to reduce the page loading time of at least ONE of your landing pages. Even a one second delay in page loading time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions on your site. The other problem to bear in mind is that if any page on your website is slow to load, it is probable that internet users will not return to your site ever again.
Therefore, page loading time is important to PPC advertising campaigns on a much grander level than just conversion rate, but could affect your online advertising success overall and long term.
Conversion Tip Number Three
The third tip our PPC advertising experts have for you today regarding conversion increase relates to Thank You Pages.
Take advantage of the Thank You Page. Once somebody has made one conversion, catch them in their “converting mood” and capitalize on it a little. Give them the opportunity to convert again in a different way. Give them another newsletter to sign up to or another product to buy. Sometimes, the internet user is more liable to convert immediately after converting, just like someone is more likely to pick up extra things to buy by the checkout when in a store waiting to pay.
Customers think less when they have already decided to buy or convert, so catch them in these moments and use the Thank You Page for more than a simple message to say thanks.
Conversion Tip Number Four
The fourth and final conversion tip we have for the New Year is to replace ONE block of text on your website with bullet points. The tip may seem fairly simple and obvious, but it really will make a difference to your PPC advertising success as a whole.

  • Bullet points are more effective for listing the benefits of a product or service
  • People find it easier to scan bullet points than big blocks of text
  • Bullet points appeal to the quick nature of the online user, which is important because the average visitor is always looking to complete website activity quickly

PPC Advertising New Year’s Resolution 2: Create Landing Pages that Sell

The PPC advertising experts at Webrageous have two tips to share with you this spring about what NOT to do with landing pages if you want to be successful this year with your PPC advertising campaign.
Our two tips are as follows:

  1. Do NOT create landing pages that look amateurish, lifeless or ugly, simply because you are trying to save on money. This is a huge mistake made by smaller businesses and companies who believe that it is only important to have a URL and that it matters little what the website looks like.
  2. Understand that ALL internet audiences want to read and are drawn to holistically compelling content. They are also drawn to websites that deliver what they promised to deliver in the corresponding advertisement. If your landing pages do not follow these rules, expect to be losing out on conversions on a daily basis.

PPC Advertising New Year’s Resolution 3: Learn how to Test and Tune with Buttons

The final way in which you can make improvements to your conversion rate this year is by learning how to continually test and tune your campaigns; to appreciate the importance of testing and tuning in PPC advertising in general.
One of the easiest elements to test and tune when wanting to increase conversions are conversion buttons. Try putting the following ideas into action with the conversion buttons that you have on your website this month (one at a time) and see what kind of results you get…

1. Try using call-to-action words on your conversion buttons and test different ideas

If you want your conversion button to generate more conversion for you and help improve your PPC advertising success overall, make sure that the call-to-action on the button is clear and precise.
You must make sure that the internet user is completely clear about what will happen when they click on the button. For instance, will they:

  1. Download for free
  2. Download a safe file
  3. Buy now
  4. Review purchase

What will the click on the button do? This call-to-action must be clear and the best conversion buttons are always the simplest.
The advice of the PPC advertising experts at Webrageous is to test out three or four different versions of your conversion button over the course of one to two months in order to find which call-to-action message works the best and generates the largest amount of conversions for you.

2. Test and tune where to place your conversion buttons and how much prominence you give them

There are two things to consider here to improve conversion rate. They are:
Conversion button placement
Never place your conversion button below the fold on your landing page. Who wants to scroll down looking for a conversion button to convert? Nobody!
Equally, if there is a lot of content on your landing page, consider placing the conversion button at the end of the page as well as above the fold. Internet users don’t like to scroll down and they certainly don’t like to scroll back up. So make things super easy for them to convert and place the conversion button at both the top and the bottom of the landing page.
In addition, if you are selling a product, try placing the conversion button next to the product on sale. Keep things neat, tidy and obvious. Leave no doubt in the internet user’s mind that they are about to click on the button that they want to click on and your conversion rate will increase.
Conversion button size
Size is also important. PPC advertising campaigns can be improved easily if the size of your conversion button is working to your advantage. The conversion button is probably the most important element on your landing page, therefore make sure that its relative size is reflective of this in fact.
At the same time, there is such a thing as “too big” when it comes to conversion buttons, when the internet user might feel like they are being shouted out and hounded into converting, which can scare them away. Bear this in mind when testing and tuning the size of conversion buttons that work for you, but prominent sizing for conversions is important.

3. Test the color and contrast of your conversion buttons

If your landing page is predominantly red, creating a red conversion button is not going to help increase your conversions. Contrast is important and you need to make sure that the color of your conversion button complements and stands out from the color of your website overall. Test out different colors over a period of time and assess the results.
In addition, it is important to know that some PPC advertising experts believe that certain colors work the best on any website when it comes to conversion buttons.
In general, the color orange is considered to be very effective as a conversion button, but testing out these theories and putting them into practice is the most effective way of finding out which color is going to work for you and your PPC advertising campaign the best.
If conversion increase is on your list of New Year’s resolutions as a PPC advertiser, then the above tips are going to be invaluable to you. However, if you still need further help with the details of your PPC advertising campaigns, contact the PPC advertising experts at Webrageous as soon as possible at 855-945-1596 without further delay.

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