Finding a top Pay Per Click advertising expert to manage your PPC accounts can be a daunting task. Here at Webrageous we understand your concerns, and we strive to provide top level customer service and account management services.

Having over 10 years worth of experience in the field of Pay Per Click Management and Google AdWords Advertising, we excel due to the following:


1. Webrageous uses Pay Per Click Reporting and Monitoring Tools for Optimization

Any Pay Per Click Advertising Expert worth the time of day will make thorough use of Pay Per Click Reporting and Monitoring Tools that can be accessed via Google AdWords, such as Google Analytics, CallRail for call tracking, Webalizer for blocking IP addresses to identify and prevent click fraud, and Google Intelligence, for example.

2. Webrageous is an Expert in Web Design and Landing Page Optimization for Pay Per Click

Before deciding to specialize in PPC, Webrageous was a Web Design Company. Now we use our knowledge about web design and website optimization to make further improvements to the landing pages and website designs of all the Pay Per Click Campaigns that we manage.

We promise to make a thorough assessment of your website’s design and the design of your landing pages in order to generate a better ROI from your advertising campaign within a few weeks.

Being a pay per click advertising expert is not just about running a Pay Per Click Campaign. It encompasses website and landing page optimization too. Webrageous could deliver all the elements necessary to you and your online advertising needs, even if we were blindfolded.

3. Webrageous knows how to keep Pay Per Click Campaigns successful over time

Webrageous Studios is NOT a one hit wonder. There are LOTS of pay per click advertising experts out there that can make changes to your campaigns and find you online advertising success via Google AdWords in a few hours.

The problem is not all of these so-called experts are able to make these changes, create these improvements and then SUSTAIN the improvements that were made. Webrageous Studios can!

We can promise that if you choose us to be your account manager we will be able to make changes to your advertising campaign, create immediate improvements for you to see and then sustain those improvements for a very long time. We know how to maintain a campaign and build upon initial online advertising success. Call us today!