Improve Advertising with the Mobile Network

If you want to improve advertising online, the following facts about the mobile network are facts that you should be aware of:

Improve Online Advertising1. 10.2% of all pay per click advertising impressions are at present appearing on the mobile network.
2. 9.8% of paid clicks are at present coming from the mobile network.
3. The cost per click (the amount you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement) for mobile network advertisements is, in general, 42% LESS than clicks made on desktop/laptop networks.
4. If you want people to CALL your business when they see your online advertisement, you REALLY MUST use the mobile network because people can call your business directly and FOR FREE from the advertisement you post on the mobile network when you make use of the Click2Call feature, which is very easy to set up in your Google AdWords Campaign. (more…)